An Introduction to Private Sports Betting Forums

petrica moiseContributor IApril 18, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 06:  (EDITORIAL USE ONLY)  A bookie takes a bet at The Melbourne Cup Carnival meeting at Flemington Racecourse November 6, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Many people are trying for years to do that, and mostly are unsuccessful. The reason is poor knowledge about the events they are betting on, poor money management, greed, and maybe the most important thing: poor overall strategy.

But with help and professional work, this can be accomplished on the long term.

A professional punter will never bet on an event that knows nothing about it but the league table. He will never "pick a winner" no matter what the odds are! And this because you actually bet on odds not on a team, and that is why the odds are the most important thing in betting.

Staking is also vital. There are several resources on Internet about staking, and also there are several styles of staking, depending of the punter (some use flat staking, some only maximum bets, etc.) but most probably you should find the strategy that fits you the best, according to your hit rate. But never forget one thing: don`t bet more than you afford to lose.

The best successful strategy may be the "betting syndicate." Punters meet in places like private forums and share their bets.

Usually, each has an area (league, sport, etc) that he is following closely to gain an advantage over the bookmakers, and to find value in odds (this means he can actually estimate the chances for an outcome better than the odds maker did so he can see if an outcome is overpriced).

It is vital that you follow all that punter`s bets, and also very important to bet on the same odd he did. If he`s a good tipster and makes profit, you will do too.

What`s the advantage of a syndicate? Well, if each of its members gain, let`s say a 10-percent yield, do a small calculation and see how much this means when there are 20-30 members on that betting team.

At the moment there are a lot of private forums out there, and mostly have the same members, with small differences.

There is not a simple way to be included, but almost all forums have open areas where you can post, and in time be promoted to close area if you have a good discipline, always do professional work and have success with your picks.

For example, here is a private sports betting forum that has an open betting area where you can prove that you deserve to be in the closed one.