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Santa ClawsContributor IApril 17, 2009

Last September, as many New Yorkers may remember, was not a great month for baseball. The Yankees were out of the playoffs before the month even began and the Mets were busy mustering up another monumental collapse.

How did the New York baseball teams deal with very glaring needs that cost them post season opportunities? They went big. That’s how New York rolls.

The Yankees signed the two best free agent pitchers and the best hitter available. The Mets on the other hand had an awful bullpen and needed to address it.

Did they just get a new arm to anchor the pen? No.

Instead of getting just the current saves record holder K-Rod, they went over the top and acquired another top of the line closer to set him up. This is how New York sports teams like to deal with problems.

Which brings me to the Giants. We all know about the teams collapse and loss of momentum at the end of the season.

We all still feel the pain from watching Donovan Mcnabb picking up the phone on the Giants sideline and rubbing the horrible defeat in our faces. Lastly, we’ve heard about every excuse in the book as to why it happened.

Play calling, Jacob’s health, D-line health, Plaxico, Pierce showing signs of age, and numerous more. Point is most of these supposed problems have been taken care of in the off-season. The most well documented problem has yet to be addressed and that is the Wide Receiver Position.

As a fan I have read every article available on the Internet about every type of speculation as to how to address the problem. There are three ways to deal with the situation: Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, or a rookie wide receiver.

A rookie WR would take time to mature into a valuable player and the Giants kind of want to win now. The supposed cost of each of the two big wide outs are a 1st and a 3rd (Boldin), and a 2nd, 5th and Steve Smith (Edwards).

Most fans like one wide receiver or the other and most GM’s acknowledge both are very talented players. There is reluctance to give away Steve Smith who is the only reliable receiver on the Giants roster right now and there is a lot of reluctance to give up a 1st and a 3rd for any wide out.

The problem is that you have to be willing to mortgage your future to get a great talent like Boldin or Edwards on your team. If you are willing to give up so much which wide receiver would you want?

My answer is, why not both? If the Giants are give up the asking price for both WRs it would still leave the Giants with a pick in each round except the first.

The Giants could use a starter at the SAM but with capable players like Blackburn, Clark, Wilkinson, Kiwi, and Kehl all available to rotate and compete. They have depth and do have capable players at the position.

Kiwi is staying on the line but I am sure we will see him set up as a backer in certain packages to get all the best blitzers on the field together. Mainly the Giants need the draft picks for depth at positions like OL and CB.

So why not? Well you can argue that giving that many draft picks away can jeopardize the team's future but they have the picks to trade.

You can argue that it is too bold of a move for GM Jerry Reese and your probably right, but doesn’t mean its not one worth making. You could even go as far as to looking at the financial side and say the Giants would be in a bind trying to sign both to long term contracts.

However, the Giants can fit both under the cap as of right now and could afford to sign Boldin to a Burress-like contract and still have the room to fit Edwards especially if Boldin’s deal has is primarily bonus money simlair to that of Corey Webster’s new contract so the cap hit isn’t that high. The Giants would have just enough money to have both contracts as well as sign their rookies.

It doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room, but man that tandem would be great. Don’t we as Giants fans deserve this when our tax paying dollars are going towards a new 1.3 billion dollar stadium or paying $20,000 just to have the right to purchase tickets for that seat? I say we do.

Most GM’s around football feel the consensus around the league is that 2010 will be uncapped which means the Giants are allowed two “transition” tags and one “franchise tag. Allowing both Edwards to get paid like a top WR, and the Giants to keep him as well as franchising Eli and signing him to a new long-term deal.

This move would all but guarantee a trip to the Superbowl, on paper of course. The Giants' stout D, premier running game, elite passing game, and solid special teams with old man Feagles droppin' it like its hot inside the twenty.

With Boldin and Edwards lining up on each sideline my fat uncle Leo could play the slot wide receiver and rake in 60 catches. How many people defenders would stay in the box knowing a single corner back isn’t enough to tackle Boldin or one corner isn’t enough to cover Edwards deep routes?

Some people harp on Boldin for being a great #2 WR and not a true #1 WR or that Edwards has all the talent but hasn’t shown consistency to be a #1. Well Boldin has the hands and consistency and Edwards has the talent and deep threat potential, they would be one hell of a tandem.

We wouldn’t think twice about Steve Smith in Cleveland while marching through one of the harder schedules in football with ease. What better way to go into a new stadium and silence all the fans that are complaining about the high prices of PSL’s or season tickets by winning them a Super Bowl.  

Could the Giants win one without these WR’s? Sure they could but it would be a lot harder and make the offense very one-dimensional.

The defense arguably is good enough to win a championship on its own. Why settle or why stop there? This is a New York team and the Giants should do what New York sports teams do. Go big or go home.


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