The Miami Dolphins Have The 25th Pick, What Direction Will They Take?

Max SolovayContributor IApril 17, 2009

April 25 is right around the corner and NFL teams are scampering to get their list of players they want to draft.

This year's draft will be one to remember. I feel a lot of good players are coming out, especially Florida State standout Everette Brown and Florida State running back Antone Smith, who ran a 4.26 at the combine.

More importantly, what direction will my favorite team, the Dolphins, go with the 25th pick?

I've narrowed it down to a few players who I think will be most suitable to help our cause. We have the acclaimed "most difficult" schedule this season and will need to draft very smart to follow up last season's 11-5 AFC East champions mark.

When you look at our offense, I see a few holes. Not gaping holes that need to be filled as soon as possible or we will drop below .500, but holes that need to be filled in order to be successful.

Our offensive line was plagued with a few injuries last year but still held up pretty well. Rookie guard Jake Long had a good year, made the Pro Bowl, and dished some nice blocks for Ronnie.

I think our major hole is in the wide receiver slot.

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Greg Camarillo was hurt for the majority of the season but played well up until that point. Tedd Ginn Jr. is a great speedy receiver, but not a No. 1 option. Devone Bess is just an athlete but with time can become a good receiver in the NFL.

If the Dolphins don't land a wide receiver in free agency, that will be our main priority in this year's draft.

None of our wide receivers had more than two touchdowns last year. Our leading touchdown grabbers were Anthony Fasano, with seven, and David Martin, with three. Both play tight end.

With that said, the Dolphins are going to want to look at some wide receivers, specifically big bodied ones, not small, quick guys like Tedd Ginn.

If you look at the most successful wide receivers in the NFL, like Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards, Andre Johnson, all these guys are big bodied with great hands.

Personally, I like Hakeem Nicks out of NC State or even Percy Harvin. Jeremy Maclin would be a great fit. I'd be happy with all these guys.

But you and I know, in recent years Bill Parcells has refused to draft a wide receiver in the first round, and will probably lean more to the defense. Maybe an outside linebacker or a corner back.

With Andre Goodman testing free agency, and Will Allen most likely heading there next season as well, the Dolphins may look at Vontae Davis or Darius Butler.

The Dolphins, as you may know, play the 3-4, dropping a defensive end into a linebacker. Matt Roth was one who did this and had a successful season in making the conversion.

Maybe, If Everette Brown slips to the Dolphins we'd draft him and have him convert like we did Matt Roth. I was able to watch Everette Brown at Florida State, and with his size and athleticism, he would be able to make the change no problem.

With all this said here is my draft board for the Dolphins.

1. Percy Harvin

2. Hakeem Nicks

3. Vontae Davis

4. Darius Butler

5. Jeremy Maclin

6. James Laurinaitus

7. Everette Brown (If he's available when we're up I'd draft him over anybody)