Kansas City's Chief Draft Concerns

JDAnalyst IApril 16, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 28:  Derrick Johnson #56 of the Kansas City Chiefs strips the ball from Brandon Marshall #15 of the Denver Broncos causing a fumble during the first half of the game on September 28, 2008 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

There's something special about how each and every average-bandwagoning-half-a-football-fan writes up his own mock like he or she knows something we don't.

It makes me want to write one too!

In fact, I think I will, but instead of wasting precious time, both mine and yours, I'll cut to the only parts of the draft that anyone reading this really cares about...our part.

Here is my humble and only moderately-educated view on how I would like the Kansas City Chiefs' draft to turn out.

Seventh Round, 256th overall

Rudy Niswanger currently doesn't have a backup, and our guards aren't exactly young. This year's center class is deep, and should produce a late-round contributor or two.

In A Perfect World: We draft OU's Jon Cooper, an undersized guy who beefs up, and his versatility earns him a roster spot.

Seventh Round, 212th overall

The linebacker spot on our depth chart is kinda scrawny. Give a guy with some potential a chance to surprise and study under vets Mike Vrabel and Zach Thomas.

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I.A.P.W.: A bigger, athletic guy like Wisconsin's DeAndre Levy slips into the seventh round, impresses Haley with hard work, and climbs the special teams/depth chart ladder.

Sixth Round, 175th overall

Maurice Leggett played very well as an undrafted free agent last season. The F.A. d-backs we signed this offseason, however, don't show much potential for the future.

I.A.P.W.: The Chiefs take a chance on Bruce Johnson, a smaller guy who at times has shown real Miami U. speed. He responds by challenging for a spot in our dime scheme.

Fifth Round, 139th overall

I wanted a wideout earlier, but there are bigger holes at both the offensive and defensive tackle. Had Devard Darling, Jeff Webb, or Will Franklin seized the opportunity to do anything at all last season, this wouldn't really be a need.

I.A.P.W.: The fast rising Aaron Kelly rises no farther than K.C. The big, athletic Clemson receiver, with improved hands, replaces tutor Bobby Engram next year.

This is where it starts to get good...

Fourth Round, 102nd overall

Damion McIntosh is serviceable, but an upgrade could be used. Some people want a tackle taken earlier, but the class there is deep and I see the nose-tackle-sized hole in the middle of our new 3-4 scheme as a bigger problem, especially if my favorite NT falls into Kansas City's lap in the third.

I.A.P.W.: Too bad we don't no more about E.M.U.'s T.J. Lang, who looks good on paper and should be available here. Even better, the Chiefs land Illinois' Xavier Fulton and he hasd an injury-free rookie season in which he eventually takes over as starter at RT.

Third Round, 67th overall

I think Glenn Dorsey would be a great 3-4 defensive end. He and Tamba Hali could be a great pair, with McBride and Tyler providing a really good, young rotation. 

This being said, we have not one massive tackle on our roster to handle the nose in the 3-4. We should trade to acquire a backup, but we still need a starting-caliber guy.

I.A.P.W.: Chris Baker, the junior out of Hampton, is that guy. I love his youth, size, athleticism, and the fact that he still has a little room to grow. 

It's too bad our world isn't perfect, and he will likely be gone by the third. If that's the case, Sammie Lee Hill out of Stillman might be a reach, but should get a good hard look.

And of course, the First Round, third overall

I hate to so openly agree with the rest of the world, but Aaron Curry is my guy too. I don't like signing really old linebackers, or using high draft picks on really young ones. 

However, in our case, it makes a little sense. Thomas and Vrabel will be great mentors, and for once there won't be so much pressure on Derrick Johnson, or now Curry. 

These four linebackers would have a great balance of speed and experience, and they all seem like high-chemistry guys as well. This is a great opportunity for, not only the Chiefs, but Curry as well.

In a perfect world, Curry will be there for the Chiefs to take and will learn everything he can from Thomas and Vrabel. He will mesh perfectly with Derrick Johnson and Scott Pioli, and will be a staple in a very solid defense for years to come.

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