Athletes Who Are Having the Worst Year Ever Already

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIMarch 22, 2013

Athletes Who Are Having the Worst Year Ever Already

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    For an athlete the start of each year must be magic. A clean slate. So much is possible. So much can be accomplished. Titles can be nabbed. Contracts can be fattened up. Records can be broken. Headlines can be made.

    But it doesn't always go like that. Sometimes Old Father Time pays a body too much attention. Or Lady Luck not enough. What could have been a banner year becomes one of squandered title shots. Pay cuts. Dwindling performance. Fading limelight.

    Put on your sympathy caps and click on to see the woeful athletes who desperately await the clean slate of 2014.

Jacob Josefson

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    After amassing a giant basket of goose eggs in the scoring department that dated back to the previous season, the New Jersey Devils gave Josefson one more shot this season. His one-game stint brought another goose egg and a minus-two rating.

    The Devils sent Josefson down (as devils are wont to do).

Joel Peralta

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    Hey, it's rough out there. We expect athletes to get injured. When an injury happens in a game or in training, we understand. We forgive. We sympathize.

    When an injury happens out of the stadium we might be just a tad less forgiving. We hope that our athletes are careful, that they take care of themselves. That they drive slowly. That they forgo skydiving and bungee jumping.

    When an injury happens as an athlete is exiting his car to get sandwiches, well that just baffles and annoys us.

Deron Williams

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    Ankles injuries have affected Williams' game this year. Most notably, they have prevented him from dunking. As a result, his stats are lackluster at best.

    But a terrific in-your-face-Mark-Cuban performance against the Mavericks on March 20 may just be the turning point he's been waiting for.

Mark Teixeira

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    In early March Teixeira injured his tendon sheath. According to NBC sports, "the type of injury can linger for years unless taken care of surgically."

    At the very least, he'll be out of the Yankees' lineup until May.

Michael Vick

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    If you had stock shares in Michael Vick, they'd be selling for mere pennies now. People have gotten tired of waiting for him to break out and be that history-making QB they always thought he'd be.

    Even Vick must see that. Otherwise why would he take a $8 million pay cut to stay in Philly? 

Alexander Sarnavskiy

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    When a professional career starts out 20-0, people take note. Expectations go sky high.

    But since becoming a part of the MMA Bellator organization, Sarnavskiy has not had his past luck. First there was a debut loss in the fall of 2012. And now a hand injury has forced him to bow out of this season's tournament.


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    Well there are the ties to a steroid ring. That's pretty horrible. But worse for A-Rod is the fact that fans and analysts have been throwing the "A word" around in regards to him. No, not awesome. Not amazing. Not astounding. That other "A word." The truly ghastly one. The one that keeps athletes up at night and sets them trembling:


Jason Chimera

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    This year Chimera attained a goalless streak of epic proportions. A whopping 27 games went by with not a single Chimera love-tapped puck finding its way past a goalie.

    Even a statue of Jobu in his locker brought no help.

    Chimera's ice time melted away.

    It took the luck of the Irish to fight off this hex; the streak was finally snapped on St. Paddy's Day.

John Terry

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    This year has brought alleged racist and alleged philanderer John Terry all new woes:

    A slow-healing knee injury resulting in alleged bickering with Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez

    Malicious coin pelting

    And a possible resurfacing of last year's racist comment scandal

David Wright

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    A day after a for a sore back resulted in his getting nixed from the Team USA lineup against Team Dominican Republic, the Mets third baseman was diagnosed with a strained muscle in the area of his ribcage. Yahoo Sports reports that he may begin the season on the disabled list.  

    However Mets manager Terry Collins is full of sunshiny optimism; he claims Wright will be ready for Opening Day.

Roy Halladay

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    Spring training has been something of a nightmare for the Phillies pitcher. His stamina seems to be waning. His fast ball just isn't so fast lately. To top it all off, his body was ravaged by a stomach virus.

Virender Sehwag

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    If a biopic about legendary Sehwag is ever made, following all the scenes documenting his rise to glory and his epic feats, a title card will flash across the screen: 2013.

    The scene will open with a tired looking Sehwag arguing with Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Then of him fumbling with a pair of spectacles before he takes up his bat. 

    Then a montage of Sehwag performing poorly game after game. The media taking hold and splashing his failures across their headlines.

    Sorry, not sure how the movie will end yet. Wait for title card 2014. 

    (Thanks to B/R reader Shashvat Chitransh for his contribution to this slide.)

Manti Te'o

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    Apparently imaginary girlfriends don't go over well with the public. The fallen hero is now the vice president in the office of Most Hated Athlete. Who holds the presidency? Lance, of course. 

Lindsey Vonn

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    Lindsey Vonn presented fans with the lovely gift of making public these nasty pictures of her recent leg injuries.

    But the leg mangling is by far the lesser of her two 2013 misfortunes. 

    The other being, of course, Tiger-Lin

Brandon Knight

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    A serious ankle injury itself is enough to cope with in one season.

    But coupled with the humiliation that is "The Dunk," well... oof!    

Rory McIlroy

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    According to an ESPN article, McIroy's "swing looks off, his lucrative endorsement deal with Nike and switching clubs are being questioned, and now he has a grand total of four rounds plus eight lousy holes under his belt this year."

    His toothache-induced withdrawal from the Honda Classic was about as popular with the masses as Romney's "47 percent" speech.

Mike Cisco

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    Getting traded can be tough on an athlete. New town. New team. New coach. But hey, it must feel good to be wanted. To have people negotiating for your services as an athlete.

    That is unless your team gives you up FOR NO COMPENSATION.

Dwight Howard

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    The Kobe pairing has been kind of a bust. His still recovering back is hampering his play. He allegedly shot off his mouth and lost some pals.

    But word is still out on how history will view Dwight's 2013 season. With the Lakers winning again, with new business managers, might this year's Dwightmare be coming to an end?

Tim Tebow

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    Tebowing is out. Te-boo-ing is in.

    And Timmy Boy is looking to be homeless very soon.

Lance Armstrong

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    Oh Lance, and you thought 2012 was bad with your Tour medals being stripped away and all. But 2013 has had some real toppers for you.

    The Oprah interview not only cemented in your reputation as a liar and cheater, it also made you look like an unrepentant jerk.

    So that part of the world which didn't hate you before, does so now.

    And then the IOC took away your Olympic medal.

    And now the world is being deforested to provide paper for all the lawsuits you are being served with.