Kansas City Chiefs: Hitting the Reset Button

Joe PerryContributor IApril 16, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 14:  Tyler Thigpen #4 of the Kansas City Chiefs handsoff to Larry Johnson #27 against the San Diego Chargers during the first half on December 14, 2008 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs lost 22-21.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Along with sports, I enjoy video games also. Have since I was a boy. That being said in video games when you make bad decision after bad decision you can hit the reset button and everything is undone. That's what Kansas city needs now is a reset button.

With a dismal season at the very best their was some bright spots last year...you know like when it ended?

QB: He is overpaid simple... but he isn't Brodie so I'm good with it...simple, Plus Thigpen showed his worth last season i don't care what anyone says he has the talent to start for a good team. The thing is, we aren't a good team...yet.

RB: Larry Johnson has proved himself more of a bother then he is worth, And when he was busy working on his amateur boxing career against women we found out that Charles and Smith might be good enough to carry the rock when we're not airing it out thanks to our newly acquired QB Cassel.

OL: Brandon Albert was great in his rookie season, the line will always need work when we don't have Will Shields on it. But it is and will be getting better.

WR: Dwayne Bowe won't have any excuses this year. He will have a pro-bowl style quarterback who put up two 400 yard games last year. Bobby engram will add a veteran in the lineup, and I really think there is wide receiver talent late in the draft we might strike gold with.

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TE: Tony Gonzalez, just stay one more year and see what we can do with the new GM.

DL: Where oh where do I start. Wonder if we could trade to get Jared Allen back now that Carl Peterson is gone? yeah that won't happen.

Tamba Hali is still a weapon but he is one man and Dorsey had a typical rookie year, he learned he can't just run over everyone in the league and he isn't faster we need to get a veteran to teach him and help bring him along to the pro-bowl caliber line he is.

LB: This is what I really wanted to write about. Derrick Johnson will have to show that he is the man he was at Texas U, and he will. Zach Thomas I believe was brought in more of a coach then a player but he can still be effective. Mike Vrabel? Seriously?

He still is a talent but again more of a coach then player I think. And if Scott Pioli wants to stay in Kansas city he better get curry if he's available. It's simple: He is the safest player in the draft this year and he would be a great ambassador to Chiefs football.

DB: I think we're set here, Carr and Flowers showed everyone something and they played with a defensive line with the worst sack ratio for a season in history. if you don't pressure the QB it doesn't matter who your DB's are.

And now that Herm is out maybe just maybe we'll try to actually get some stops. Jared Page and Bernard Pollard in my opinion are solid at their positions so i think were safe at safety.

OVERALL: I think with the weak AFC west we will stand a chance to compete for a division title. Last year we were only 38 points away for a division title spread through out various games. So that being said as T.O. would put it "get your popcorn ready" chiefs fans. This year should be fun to watch at the least.