Don Nelson Needs to Go!

Scotty KaneContributor IApril 15, 2009

Don Nelson has been a great NBA coach for many years.

His fast-paced style of offense has changed the way other NBA coaches think.

But, even if coaches are trying to chalk up a scheme to stop the high flying offense, it's hard to stop.

After Nelson left Dallas under not-so-good terms with Dallas owner Mark Cuban, he went to the team where he started with in the '90s—the Golden State Warriors.

He made the Warriors back into a playoff team. Before Nelson, the Warriors had a 12-year playoff drought. That brought a lot of excitement to the Bay Area.

A year later, they went 48-34, not making the playoffs in a difficult Western Conference. Baron Davis left to play with the Clippers, and one of the rising stars in the league, Monta Ellis hurt himself in a moped accident.

And the result of all this has been the Warriors failing to produce wins, like they did a couple years ago.

Nelson has never been too fond of young players. He doesn't like playing them. Players that have been drafted in the first round did not play a whole lot, until the end of the year this year—like Brendan Wright, Marco Bellinelli, Anthony Randolph, and Marcus Williams, who was released later in the season after not playing at all.

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I believe Nelson's time in Golden State has run out.

Yes, he brought back a lot of excitement to the Bay Area, but that quickly disappeared.  Many Warrior fans, including myself, we do not want to go back to the losing seasons we had to go through.

Nelson is getting up there in age, and doesn't appear to have the energy, or enthusiasm to coach the Warriors. Maybe he's best suited going to his home in Maui. He doesn't have patience, and that's something a coach needs to have. I understand that he's looking to win a title, but you can't rush into things, that need time to come together.

You might ask who could take over Nelson's job. I think it should be Keith Smart. Smart has been working under Nelson for quite some time now. He has called some games from the sidelines, while Nelson watches, and has done a adequate job, I believe.

It's time for Keith Smart to get a shot at coaching the Golden State Warriors. I appreciate all the things Don Nelson brought back to the Warriors, but it's time for him to move on, and let a younger coach have a chance to prove himself.

I hope this happens soon.