WWE Supplemental Draft: The Results

Stuart RyanContributor IApril 15, 2009

I was logged onto the WWE Universe, looking at the Live Chat and watching the Supplementary Draft. A total of 25 draft picks were made; some of them were surprises, but nothing major.

Here are the list of Superstars and Divas drafted:

Pick Number 1: Mr. Kennedy from Smackdown! to Raw.

Apparently, the GMs got to choose who they wanted on their brand. Vickie Guerrero got a great pick on this. Let's hope Kennedy can shine on Raw.

Pick of the Draft for Raw.

Pick Number 2: Shad Gaspard from Raw to Smackdown!

I was surprised to see this pick because I heard that the 'E were planning on sending him back to development. I also thought Cryme Tyme was dead...until pick No. 19.

Pick Number 3: Alicia Fox from ECW to Smackdown!

The dancing Diva is on Smackdown to contend for Melina's Women's Championship. Could we see her re-ignite her romance with the Rated-R Superstar?

Pick Number 4: Primo Colon from Smackdown! to Raw.

Are you kidding me? Smackdown! now only has the Intercontinental and Woman's Titles!? Like Cryme Tyme, see pick 16.

Pick Number 5: Mike Knox from Raw to Smackdown!

The Desert Destroyer (and his beard) have a new home on Friday nights. Knox could be a major contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Pick Number 6: Ezekiel Jackson from Smackdown! to ECW

Tiffany made a good pick here. He will gel well with the roster. Kozlov/Jackson should be a feud to watch in the future.

Pick of the Draft for ECW.

Pick No. 7: Nikki Bella from Smackdown! to Raw.

What is the big deal about these twins? I don't see what is so great. Nikki has been shipped to Raw....yippie.

Pick No. 8: Candice Michelle from Raw to Smackdown!

She wanted to go to Smackdown!, so they just gave in to her. Melina is getting some stiff competition, let's see how long she can hold the title.

Pick No. 9: Zack Ryder from Smackdown! to ECW.

You know it. Woo woo woo. One half of the Edgeheads has gone to ECW, which is a good move. Let's see how Ryder does on the 'C' show.

Pick No. 10: Chavo Guerrero from Smackdown! to Raw.

The Mexican Warrior has joined his aunt on the 'A' show. A feud for the U.S. Championship could do him the world of good.

Pick No. 11: Ricky Ortiz from ECW to Smackdown!

Teddy Long, what were you thinking? This was a poor pick for Smackdown, in my opinion. They should have given this kid another year of development in ECW.

There was a funny moment on the Live Blog when Ortiz got drafted. The Fink said he had two words and some person called Jonathan said "broken nose."

I thought it was good at the time. The people on that Live Blog were so annoying.

Pick No. 12: Layla from Raw to Smackdown!

WWE is really trying to give Smackdown! some more sex appeal with this draft, aren't they? Layla is a potential Women's Champion, though I doubt she will get the chance.

Pick No. 13: Hornswoggle from ECW to Raw.

What was the point of this pick? Are they trying to bring more Irish viewers to Raw by having a degrading leprechaun on it? This pick is a disgrace.

Corey Clayton tried to trick all watching by saying this was a big pick before it was announced to be Hornswoggle.

Everyone was commenting "Cena to Smackdown!" and there was such a bad reaction after the joke was revealed.

Pick No. 14: DH Smith from Smackdown! to ECW.

Good pick by Tiffany, although I would have preferred him on Raw as he could have joined up with Legacy. I guess WWE is giving him a year of development, which is good considering he got no air time on Smackdown!.

He could team with Tyson Kidd, but who knows.

Pick No. 15: John Morrison from ECW to Smackdown!

Good pick from Teddy Long. I think everyone knew he was going to be leaving ECW, but I think he should have been the one to go on the main show, instead of Miz. Morrison is an Intercontinental Championship contender on Smackdown!.

Pick of the Draft for Smackdown!.

Pick No. 16: Carlito Colon from Smackdown! to Raw.

It was expected. Everyone on Live Blogs was crying about how Cryme Tyme and The Colons got split up, while I just laughed at their stupidity.

Why move them to Raw? There is no competition there.

Pick No. 17: Natalya from Smackdown! to ECW.

My jaw dropped with shock at this pick. Why didn't Raw try to snap her up? I guess she is on ECW to manage her real-life boyfriend, Tyson Kidd.

Pick No. 18: Festus from Smackdown! to Raw.

What was the point of this? They could have sent Jesse and Festus to ECW. I thought Festus needed help getting to the ring? Is he just going to waddle and take up five minutes of Raw?

Poor move on the WWE's part.

Pick No. 19: JTG from Raw to Smackdown!

I was really sad to see this move. I thought JTG could have done well in singles competition, even though I like Cryme Tyme.

Pick No. 20: Dolph Ziggler from Raw to Smackdown!

I think this could be a good pick. We should see some funny segments with Ziggler. I'm hoping for one with Undertaker.

Pick No. 21: The Brian Kendrick from Smackdown! to Raw.

Yet again, another pick that ECW should have got. Poor pick for Raw, but now Big Zeke Jackson can work on his singles career without this little runt in his corner.

Pick No. 22: Charlie Haas from Raw to Smackdown!

Good pick for Smackdown. The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team could re-unite and take the unified Tag Titles from The Colons.

Pick No. 23: Hurricane Helms from Smackdown! to ECW.

Excellent pick. Tiffany may have got the least amount of picks, but ECW definitely got the better talent. I would love to see a Bourne versus Helms feud.

ECW just got a lot better in my book.

Pick No. 24: Brie Bella from Smackdown! to Raw.

Yippie! Imagine my excitement when I saw that Brie was going to Raw.

Yeah right. Let's hope they both get injured.

So which brand benefitted the most from the draft?

ECW, without a doubt. Tiffany snapped up some major talent. Let's see how she uses it.

Pick of the draft?

It was hard to decide between Ezekiel Jackson and John Morrison, so I think it is a tie. Both have a great chance to prove themselves, so let's hope that they do it.

Thanks for the read. Hope you enjoyed.

- Stuart "The New Boy" Ryan.


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