Raiders Draft: Receiver More Important Than Defensive Front?

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 14, 2009

I was sitting back thinking, defensive front or wide receiver? Which one need will be more pressing come draft day. What are the odds of getting a stud Pro-Bowl/All-Pro wide receiver on the second day of the draft? Just off looking at the last six years, those odds are SLIM.

The WR spot is a "home-run" spot where playmakers are needed. From looking at this list below, you’ll notice that a huge portion of Pro-Bowlers are first round talents. 10 of the following 21 players came out of the first round! The other 11 were spread out through Rounds 2-7 (Undrafted). Is it our turn to hit it big again?

Since 2004 here's the list of Pro Bowl Receivers and where they were drafted:

First Rounders

Randy Moss, six time Pro Bowl, 21st overall pick  *four time All-Pro

Reggie Wayne, three time Pro Bowl 30th overall pick    *one time All-Pro

Braylon Edwards. once, second overall pick

Larry Fitzgerald, three time Pro Bowl, 3rd overall pick

Torry Holt, seven time Pro Bowl, sixth overall pick    *one time All-Pro

Andre Johnson, three time Pro Bowl, third overall pick   *two time All-Pro

Roddy White, one Pro Bowl, 27th overall pick

Roy Williams, one Pro Bowl, seventh overall pick

Santana Moss, one Pro Bowl, 16th overall pick     *two time All-Pro

Javon Walker, two time Pro Bowl, 20th overall pick 

Second Rounders

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson , five time Pro Bowl, 36th overall  *two time All-Pro

Anquan Boldin, three time ProB owl, 54th overall

Chris Chambers, one time Pro Bowl, 52nd overall

Third Rounders

Terrell Owens, six time Pro Bowl, 89th overall    *four time All-Pro

Steve Smith, four time Pro Bowl, 74th overall     *two time All-Pro

Hines Ward, four time Pro Bowl, 92nd overall      *three time All-Pro

Laveranues Coles, one time Pro Bowl, 78th overall       

Fourth Rounders and Later

Donald Driver, three time Pro Bowl, 213th overall/seventh round   *one time All-Pro

Brandon Marshall, one time Pro Bowl, 119th overall/fourth round

Joe Horn, four time Pro Bowl, 135th overall/fifth round

Rod Smith, three time Pro Bowl,  UNDRAFTED                      *two time All-Pro

I will continue to say that our offensive line is fine with the recent upgrades. Guys keep yelling about Eugene Monroe, he won’t make it to us so leave it alone. Our o line options would be A.Smith and M.Oher, which would not be upgrades to Khalif Barnes, who was a four year starter at LT in Jacksonville. He faced the likes of Mario Williams (Texans), Dwight Freeney (Colts) and the Titans Defensive Line two times a year during his tenure. Mario Henderson did his thing, we saw the last couple of games so we’ll leave him alone.

There’s no sugar coating the fact that our defensive front needs help bad. We already have an anchor in Tommy Kelly who needs help. That help can come in the form of any of these guys in the second round: Ron Brace, Fili Moala, Sen'Derrick Marks, or Jarron Gilbert. These are big guys to put next to Kelly so they can take up space.

I'll finish with...

Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, or Darrius Heyward-Bey...pick your poison.


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