Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton Fantasy: A Fight For The Ages (Part 3 Of 3)

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 14, 2009

HOLLYWOOD - MARCH 30:  Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao and professional boxer Ricky Hatton attend 'The Battle of East and West', a promotion for the May 2, 2009 World Junior Welterweight Championship boxing match held at the Roosevelt Hotel on March 30, 2009 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Amidst the cheers, roars and chants. I could hear both Pacquiao and Hatton's breathing. They're both breathing hard as if it's coming from a profound source within them.

Perhaps Pacquiao was breathing heavily for the 95 million inhabitants of the Philippine archipelago and Hatton breathing for the 60 million people of Great Britain.

The bell rang in commencement of round five.

Hatton goes up fighting. Fierce and focused, Hatton lands a couple of shots but Pacquiao answers back with a vicious assault.

Hatton starts to chase Pacquiao. He's all over the ring, but Pacquiao does not succumb to Hatton's tremendous pressure. He weaved in and out of trouble. Ducking, evading and countering each and every Hatton attack.

Pacquiao was starting to control the fight. He's operating, like a surgeon, connecting on odd and difficult angles.

The British crowd was immobilized and stunned while the Filipino crowd was cheering on like nuts.

The whole scenario continues up to round nine. At that point, it seems evident that Pacquiao was ahead on points, as he won the last five rounds.

Hatton looked more like a butcher covered with blood while Pacquiao although has cuts on his left eye amazingly looks fresh.

Round 10, started slow but as soon as Pacquiao landed a brutal left hook the fight progressed. Hatton although bloodied continued to be the aggressor.

Alas! He caught Pacquiao with a powerful right to the body that sends him down on his knees.

"The first knockdown of the fight!" I could barely hear Larry Merchants voice.

It was the first time that Pacquiao has been knocked down since 2003. He's dizzy but just like a wounded tiger he stood up and tried hard to conceal the fact that he was hurt.

But it was clear. He was badly hurt.

Hatton starts to jab. Pacquiao looking annoyed returned fire with a wide and wild right hook that Hatton easily evade. The outbalance Pacquiao was again caught by a thundering uppercut from Hatton.

"Down goes Pacquiao for the second time!" Merchant said.

Pacquiao stood up but looked like an easy prey for the Hitman.

On the other hand Hatton looks determined to finish off the Pacman.

Halfway of round 10. Hatton goes forward just like a mad punching machine. He's now firing on all cylinders.

"Right for Hatton, Left for Hatton, Pacquiao misses badly, Hatton counters with a big uppercut, Pacquiao's almost finished"

Pacquiao was saved by the bell.

At this moment, I spilled my beer all over my shirt. I am amazed of the sudden turn of events.

I could see Juan Manuel Marquez smiling and laughing more like a hyena. 

The ring physician looked at the cuts and bruises of both fighters hence he allowed the fight to continue.

"Start of round 11, This is a fight that will surely be remembered for years to come" Merchant added.

Hatton on the offensive continuously applying pressure. Pacquiao displays his brilliant footwork. Hatton seems impatient and keeps moving forward while Pacquiao scoring on jabs that doesn't seem to bother Hatton.

They met at the center of the ring. Pacquiao land a heavy right to the body and followed it up with an uppercut straight to Hatton's chin. Hatton goes down.

The Filipinos jump on their feet. It's getting wild and wild at the MGM Grand.

This fight is crazy I thought.

Hatton goes up and the action resumed. They were trading bombs. No, not just bombs. They were trading atomic bombs.

Left for Hatton, Right for Pacquiao, Uppercut for Hatton, Bodyshot for Pacquiao..

There were moments when Pacquiao was about to go down but there were also instances when Hatton was about to kiss the canvass.

They aren't giving their 100%, they're giving their 200%. Physically speaking they are both finished but pride and dignity kept them standing on their feet.

It's not anymore about the guaranteed 11 million euros. It's about who is the better man.

Two ring gladiators too proud to go down. No one's gonna say "No Mas." No one's gonna quit on his tool. No one's gonna throw in the white towel.

Round 12 is on it's way.. The championship round..

More than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time...

Suddenly my phone rang. Yup my ringing tone is David Cook's "Time of my life." Anyway stupid cellphone it ruined my daydreaming.

Well, I guess there's only one way to find out what will happen come May 2nd.

There's gonna be stars storming Vegas, there's gonna be a classic duel of two stars but sadly, a star will eventually go down.


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