Steroid Suspensions: MLB Needs to Act Now

Nino Colla@TheTribeDailySenior Writer IMarch 30, 2008

Everyone gets the feeling that Major League Baseball is ran by some incompetent old man who does nothing but try to save face.

I mean, that could very well be true, but Bud Selig isn't all that bad. He's done some good for the game.

Then again, it's situations like this that just tick me off.

Back in December of last year, Major League Baseball suspended outfielders Jose Guillen, now a member of the Kansas City Royals and Jay Gibbons of the Baltimore Orioles.

The suspensions came after reports leaked that both were linked to performance-enhancing drugs. The 15 day suspension would start at the beginning of the regular season.

Now with both those teams playing on Monday in their first game, MLB has decided that they need more time to decide if they should suspend Gibbons and Guillen.

They are using a "10 day hold on suspensions" which will give the players and owners more time to try and toughen their drug suspension policy.

What is this? What in the world have you been doing for the past four months? Sitting on your flippin’ hands?

It's not that big of a deal, but now so close to the season, you are really making it difficult on teams who have roster decisions to make.

Jay Gibbons was set to start the year on the suspension list, and utility man Brandon Moore would have started on the active roster.

Now with the suspension on hold, the Orioles are faced with the decision of making a choice they didn't think they would have to be making just yet. 

A choice they planed on making 15 days later, not now.

Like I said, it isn't the end of the world. But how exactly is this fair to Baltimore and Kansas City, who for the past few months were working under the assumption that they would have outfielders suspended to open the year.

How is this fair to people like Paul Byrd, who has called the MLB offices every day to find out if they have reached a decision on whether they are going to suspend him or not.

What is Major League Baseball doing up there in that little tower of theirs?

Fact is they have had all the time in the world to determine if these players in the Mitchell Report were going to be punished.

The recommendation was to leave the past in the past, but Bud Selig wants to hand down some sort of punishment.

Now it’s not entirely Bud Selig's fault, understand they are trying to agree on a new policy for suspending players for positive tests.

But this is downright ridiculous.

It shouldn’t take this long to make a decision, get a clue and make a ruling.

On top of that, if this "agreement" is reached between both sides, it's possible that these suspensions given to Gibbons and Guillen will just be thrown out all together.

To a normal person, that makes no sense. Oh, but hey, go ahead Baseball. Please do whatever you want. Take your good old sweet time. 

You’ve never been the one to make quick decisions.

Like, when you suspend a player for fighting, they immediately appeal it, and it takes forever for you to hear that appeal.

Now I love the game, and I suppose I’m getting into the little things that do bug me about it, but is it too much to ask?

Are you really that busy, or are the people running the show just that indecisive?

Oh and just incase it seemed like I was bashing Bud Selig and the owners, Donald Fehr and all you players. You have just as much blame as they do, make a damn decision already.


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