Kelly Ripa Makes Party Comment About Joe Flacco's Wife, Awkward Silence Ensues

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 8, 2013

Kelly Ripa got a little personal on Friday's Kelly & Michael Show, and that's when things got entirely hilarious. 

Busted Coverage spots a brilliant moment when the usual banter between hosts and Super Bowl champion devolved into naughty land. 

Joe Flacco is into an offseason of TV spots and celebrity interviews. It's a wonderful time for a man who has been telling us for some time he was elite. 

Well, one thing we didn't consider was the discrepancy in size between the Ravens quarterback and his diminutive wife—something Kelly Ripa found rather interesting. 

Flacco states he is 6'6" and that's when Ripa says she just met Flacco's wife, Dana, and she is a petite 5', maybe 5'1" in height. 

Normally, this would be a throw-away line of questioning in an otherwise ho-hum interview, but Ripa drops a, "Wow, that’s gotta be a fun party!"

Easy, Kelly. 

That's when the Ravens QB goes bright red and the only sound in the studio is the crowd's laughter. Not one to shy away from embarrassment, Ripa continues to hammer away with, "get it, Joe."

Michael Strahan steps in to get this train back on track. Thankfully, this was an interview far more memorable than we would have believed possible. 

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