Matt Hughes Retires: 5 Memorable Moments from His Career

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIFebruary 7, 2013

Matt Hughes Retires: 5 Memorable Moments from His Career

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    Matt Hughes is one of the best UFC welterweight fighters of all time.

    Hughes was such a dominating and skilled fighter that he was able to defend his belt seven times against all the UFC could throw at him.

    He currently holds the distinction of being the only fighter in UFC history with 18 wins on his resume.

    Hughes was also inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame back in 2010.

    He has now officially retired and has taken a job as the Vice President of Athletic Development and Government Relations for the UFC.

    His career is filled with many unforgettable moments. From success to failure, Hughes was all over the map.

    He produced many memorable moments from his career. Here are just a few.

His First UFC Welterwight Title Win at UFC 34

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    Matt Hughes won the welterweight belt for the first time against Carlos Newton at UFC 34.

    It was an incredible come-from-behind victory for Hughes.

    He was caught in a deep triangle choke by Newton. He was able to lift Newton up high and slam him to the canvas.

    Funny enough, Hughes was put out by the choke as the slam was being delivered.

    The referee was able to see that Newton was unconscious and thus awarded Hughes the win and the title.

    His slam of Newton is considered one of the greatest slams in UFC history.

His Slam of Frank Trigg at UFC 52

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    Continuing on with the slams, Hughes put on another memorable one against Frank Trigg during their fight at UFC 52.

    Trigg hit Hughes with a low blow but continued his attack. He was able to pressure Hughes with his striking and drop him against the cage.

    He eventually was able to take the back of Hughes and lock in an awkward-looking rear-naked choke.

    Hughes was able to break out of the choke, pick up Trigg over his shoulder and run across the cage for the massive slam.

    From there Hughes was able to exact some revenge on his opponent as he forced him to tap from a rear-naked choke of his own.

Win over Georges St Pierre at UFC 50

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    A big win that stands out in Hughes' career is his win over Georges St Pierre at UFC 50.

    The fight between both men was very competitive and entertaining.

    GSP had hit Hughes in the ribs with a nasty spinning back kick early on in their fight.

    Hughes fought back from the damage done and was able to take GSP down a couple of times before he finally secured a nasty armbar that won him the fight.

    This bout won him the UFC welterweight championship for a second time.

Losing the Belt to BJ Penn at UFC 46

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    At this point in his career Hughes was considered a top fighter.

    Many felt that he was unbeatable at this point in time. Except for one man.

    BJ Penn.

    Hughes underestimated the always-dangerous Penn, and as a result Penn was able to dominate the fight from bell to bell.

    Near the end of the first round Penn locked Hughes in a rear-naked choke and took the win.

    It was a big loss for Hughes, who lost not only his belt but his aura of being unbeatable.

Hughes Defeating Penn in Their Rematch at UFC 63

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    Hughes was anxious for a rematch with Penn and he finally got the chance to avenge his loss when they faced off again at UFC 63.

    The first two rounds of the fight made it look like Penn was well on his way to defeating Hughes once again.

    Penn trapped Hughes in a triangle choke late in the second round. Hughes was able to ride the choke out until the horn sounded to end the round.

    In the third round, Penn began to fade and Hughes saw his chance. He began to pick Penn apart and eventually won the fight by technical knockout.

    It was just another incredible moment in the glorious career of Matt Hughes.

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