ECW: A New Era Of Extreme (Week Ten)

anonymous guyCorrespondent IApril 7, 2009

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my final installment of ECW before Wrestlemania 25! Lately we've been witnessing a long war between Jack Swagger and the whole ECW brand ever since the Royal Rumble.

Not only had Swagger been backed into an almost unbeatable situation, but he somehow found a way to get two of the most dominant forces in ECW in his corner in Paul Burchill and Mark Henry.

Together these three men ruled ECW until last week when a surprising return from ECW original Rob Van Dam appeared and was named the new No. 1 contender for Swagger's World Title. That match will be held at the 25 Anniversary of Wrestlemania!

Not only has all of that gone down, but all eight of the Money In The Bank participants has gotten into a huge heated rivalry and only heated up the match at Wrestlemania. Only time will tell who will win this Sunday out of these eight great stars.

The plot only gets better with two members of the highly successful Team Swagger are to take on the last two men to ever dare step in their way! Ricky Ortiz and Finlay havebeen clashing non-stop with Paul Burchill and Mark Henry of Team Swagger.

The contract signing for the double jeopardy match between Jack Swagger and Rob Van Dam is tonight as both men step between the ropes to get ready for their huge Wrestlemania 25 matches!

And last but certainly not least, who was the hooded assailant that tried to cost Heymanthe very likelihood of ECW? All these questions and plenty more should be answered tonight here on ECW!

A video recap opens up the show with the six-man tag match that was supposed to decide the fate of ECW, but RVDmakes a huge surprising return to help Team ECW pick up the win.

The opening video and theme plays as ECW is underway.

The pyrogoes off and ECW begins!

Striker: Welcome folks to another exciting and jakkednight of ECW! I'm your amazingly talented instructor for this evening, Matt Striker and I'm joined by my dunce of a commentator, Todd Grisham!

We are live from Dallas, Texas as we have a huge show planned for this evening!

Todd: Y.. Okay you're gonna have to end these little cheap jokes you keep thorwing at me week end and week out! But I'm just going to ignore your little childish humor and get back to work as we are only 5 days away from the biggest event in WWEhistory as the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania is just right around the corner! 

(Paul Heyman's music hits and he along with Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam come out to the ring to a huge pop!)

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen can you feel it? This Sunday will go down as one of the greatest ECW moments in the history of the company! I can't wait to see Team Swagger on their knees begging for Finlay and Ortiz to stop pounding their faces in!

I can't wait to see Jack Swagger's beaten, broken, and bloody body laid out in the middle of the ring with Rob Van Dam standing tall holding the ECWWorld Heavyweight Title above his head in victory!

I can't wait to see one of ECW's Money In Bank Competitors climb up that jumbo sized ladder and snag down that beautiful black briefcase and show the entire world that ECW is just that damned Extreme to the freaking core!

(The crowd pops big and just as Heyman is about to leave, Tommy Dreamer picks up the microphone.)

Dreamer: Hold up there Heyman. I too have a suggestion for the big time stage come this Sunday. Why don't you add me to the mix? It would be perfect! RVDvs Tommy Dreamer vs Jack The Fag Swagger for the ECW Title! That has 5 star matchup written all over it!

(All of a sudden Team Swagger's theme hits and they come down half-way to the ring.)

Henry: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls please shut the hell up and bow down to someone who's more better than you! I giveyou, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger!

Swagger: Thankyou! I havea huge problem with that so-called 5-star matchup you have planned for this Sunday. The problem is is that Tommy Dreamer isn't a contender, but I do have a huge replacement for him.

(Swagger turns around and the hooded assailant comes out from the back to join Team Swagger on the ramp.)

Swagger: I believethat this man right here deserves the spot in that match! He is a former ECW champion and has a win-loss record like no other in this company! He is a true contender!

Heyman: I'll tell ya what. Neither of these two men are going to be within that steel hell for this match is personal, Swagger. But I do have a huge idea. I believethat Wrestlemania isn't extreme enough just yet. So that brings me to my conclusion.

Tonight in a huge tag-team match-up, its gonna be Team Swagger's Trusty Captain, The All-American Faggot, Jack Swagger and his little hooded boyfriend versus Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam!

Dreamer: Wait a minute Paul, I have a better idea. If we lose this match tonight, I don't get a chance to compete at Mania at all and he gets into the cage making it a triple threat, but if we win I want that little hooded whore in an Extreme Rules No.1 Contender's Match at Mania this Sunday! What do ya say Jack?

Swagger: It's a done deal dude! You seemed to be in a hurry to end your own career Dreamer, well that's fine with me. You're on!

(Team Swagger's music then hits as all the members leave. We cut to commercial.)

We return with The Miz and Morrison in the ring.

Miz: Ladies and jackasses, and little snotty-nosed brats, welcome to the final installment of John Morrison and the Miz's Dirt Sheet right before Mania! Morrison...

(Shelton Benjamin's theme hits and he comes down to the ring with Kofi Kingston.)

Benjamin: Once again for the second week in a row, you two little boyband sluts are still running your little mouths off on your gay ass talk show! I'm the United States Champion and I say that tonight I want Morrison in a one-on-one match!

Not only that, but tonight I'm feeling a little generous! Tonight its gonna be John Morrison versus "The Golden Standard", Shelton Benjamin for my United States Title! This is a once in a life time opportunity John, will you take it?

Morrison: Not only will I accept that match, but I will also enjoy accepting that title from you after I take you on a Moonlight Drive for the one-two-three! Be Jealous!

(The Miz gets out of the ring and Kingston stands at ringside as Shelton takes of his shirt and gets into the ring. We cut to commercial.)

We return with a referee and Tony Chimel standing between the two competitors.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the United States Championship.

In this corner we have the challenger. He's hailing from Hollywood, California and he weighs in at 219 lbs, The Shamen of Sexy and Two Time Slammy Award Winner, John Morrison!

(He does his pose as the Mizapplauds him, but the live audience of course booes him loudly.)

And in this corner, hailing from Orangeburg, South Carolina and he's weighing in at 248 pounds, he is the United States Champion, The Golden Standard, Shelton Benjamin!

(The referee then proceeds to hold the title high above his head as Tony Chimel leaves the ring. The ref signals for the bell to ring.)

One-on-One Singles Competition for The United States Championship:

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs Shelton Benjamin w/ Kofi Kingston

Both men meet in the center of the ring and start to talk smack to each other. They lock up with Benjamin getting the better of the two locking in a hard headlock. Morrison somehow gets Benjamin in a hammerlock and starts to get a little cocky.

Benjamin reverses it into a hammerlock of his own, but he quickly reverses it into a headlock takedown. Morrison uses his legs and catches the head of Benjamin and locks in a head scissors hold. Benjamin struggles around in the hold for a small while until he reverses it into a bridge pin.

1..2.. Morrison quiclygets his legs free and grabs on to the waist of Benjamin and bothmen rise up still inside the bridge and they turn around twice, but Morrison gets bothof Bejamin's arms locked with his and tries to get in a backslide pin, but Benjamin flips over and rolls up Morrison for the pin.

1..2.. Morrison rolls the pin over, 1..2.. Benjamin rolls over, 1..2.. Morrison kicks out and gets to his feet quickly as Benjamin nips up! Both men stand-off and the live audience is pleased greatly. Benjamin tries to lock-up again, but Morrison drops down fast and catches Benjamin with a drop toe-hold.

Morrison rolls across Benjamin's back and locks in a Fujiwara armbarsubmission. Benjamin somehow reverses it into a crucifix-like pin. 1..2.. Morrison rolls out of it and both men get to their feet and charges at each other, but Morrison side-steps Benjamin and locks in a sleeperhold.

Benjamin reverses it and and hits a snapwareand locks in a big-time dragon sleeper. Morrison rises up with Benjamin, but Benjamin still has the hold locked in.

Morrison flips backwards and lands behind Benjamin and tries to hit a huge back suplex, but Benjamin lands on his feet and tries to hit a german suplex, but Morrison reverses it and tries to hit his own suplex.

Benjamin then reverses it and takes down Morrison by his left leg and turns it into a cross face. Morrison looks to be getting exhausted and somehow flips Benjamin over for the pin. 1..2.. Benjamin kicks out and both men rise to their feet. Morrison slowly approaches Benjamin and locks up with him, but Benjamin looks to be taking control.

Morrison knees Benjamin in the sternum and then hits a huge DDT. 1..2.. Benjamin kicks out. Morrison then begins to go to work on the head of Benjamin by locking in a headlock. Benjamin then slowly works his way back up to his feet and delivers a few good elbow shot to the sternum of Morrison.

Benjamin then bounces off of the ropes and Morrison jumps up high as Benjamin runs under him. Morrison then drops down to a push-up position as Benjamin runs over him. Morrison rises and tries to throw Benajmin over the top rope. Benjamin goes flying, but hangs on to the top rope.

Morrison doesn't see it as Benjamin flips his way back into the ring. As soon as Morrison turns around, Benjamin tries to superkick him, but he catches Benjamin's foot and begins to taunt him. Benjamin then hits a huge dragon kick on Morrison. He goes for the cover. 1..2..

Morrison gets his shoulder up and Benjamin goes and locks in a huge front-face lock. Morrison slowly begins to fight his way out of it. Miz distracts the ref and Morrison delivers a huge low blow to Benjamin and tries to hit his finisher, but Kofihits him hard with a "Trouble in Paradise!"

Both men are down and Kofi chases Miz up the ramp. The ref begins to count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Morrison is the first man to get to his feet. He goes over to the ropes and tries to hit a Flying Chuck, but Benjamin ducks it and Morrison hits the mat hard.

Morrison slowly gets to his feet and turns right into a "Pay Dirt!" He goes for the cover. 1-2-3! Shelton Benjamin retains his United States Title! Benjamin then grabs a microphone.

Benjamin: Hey, cut my music! Paul Heyman, I just talked to the Board of Directors and they said that if I successfully defended my title tonight, I won't have to defend it this Sunday, so instead of my title hanging in the balance, its just going to be the briefcase man. Sorry, but there aint no stopping me n...

CM Punk comes out of nowhere and hits a huge "GTS" on Benjamin, Rey Mysterio also comes in and dropkicks Punk in his back. Punk falls onto the ropes and Rey hits his "619". As soon as Mysterioturns around, he gets hit witha huge "Shining Wizard" from Hurricane Helms. R-Truth then comes in and stares down Helms.

(R-Truth theme then hits as he and Helms stare at each other. The camera then cuts to Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, and Jack Swagger making their way to the ring in split screen as we cut to commercial.)

We return with Paul Heymaninside the ring witha table in the middle witha chair on each side.

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is now time for the big time extreme contract signing for this Sunday's PPV! Now let's get get on with the show as I introduce to you the All-American American and ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger!

(Swagger's theme hits and he along with Team Swagger and the hooded man all come out. As soon as they get half-way down the ramp, Jack Swagger sends Paul Burchill and Mark Henry back to the back.)

Swagger: Come on and lets get this thing over with. I dont have all night as you can clearly tell. I want t...

Heyman: Oh my gosh just shut the hell up already! Your opinion tonight and for the rest of your little pathetic career doesn't even matter! This Sunday will be a dawning of a new era in ECW because the next man that I'm going to introduce right now will be your new ECW Champion, Mr.Tuesday Night himself, Rob Van Dam!

(RVD's theme hits and he comes out with a huge smile on his face for some odd reason. He's wearing a gray hooded sweat shirt to the ring with his wrestling gear. He goes and panders to the live crowd for a small while and then gets right in the face of Swagger.)

Heyman: Wait a minute gentlemen, I told the Board of Directors this past weekend that I will try everything in my power to keep the two of you from attacking each other until your tag-team match tonight. So with that being said get out here security!

(A ton of security starts coming from the back and enters the ring. They get in between of RVD and Swagger.)

RVD: Its all good bro! I'm not out here to start a fight until that bell rings. What I am out here to do is to sign this damned contract and let everyone in this arena know that I will not fail come this Sunday and that you will be taken to the extreme by the Whole Damn Show, R..V..D!

(The crowd pops big while Swagger is quickly turning red and seething.)

Swagger: Shut up right now, all of you SHUT-UP! I'm sick and tired of all of you old ass extreme circus freaks threatening to take someone to the extreme! What are you gonna do if I destroy you this Sunday in that steel hell, huh?

Are you gonna leave the company and try sue it like your little hobo-looking friend, Raven? Or are you gonna try and wrestle at small mediocre promotions and get drunk before a match and cry to the crowd like the Sandman?

Face it, its all over for you and ECW this Sunday! I told all of you a long time ago that we are going to take overECW and we are only one step away from doing so! Next, the whole freaking company will be bowing down to me!

RVD: Wow! Anyway llikeI said, I will not fail my loyal fans and I will walk out of Wrestlemania...

(He takes off the sweatshirt and under it, his gear had a design of the ECW title on it.)

the World Heavyweight ECW Champion!

(Heyman hands Swagger the contract and he signs it, and Swagger throws the contract at RVD. RVD picks it up and signs it. RVD then throws the contract clipboard at Swagger's face, but Swagger catches it and RVDhits him with the "Vandaminator!")

Security restrains RVDand the hooded man as they both are ready to attack each other, but all of a sudden Mark Henry's theme hits and Tony Atlas comes out back from his long and mysterious absence.

Atlas: Mr. Heyman, I got some good news and some bad news, which do you wanna hear first, well... it doesn't matter because the good news is, I'm back! The bad news is, that because RVDwas the first man to make physical contact with his opponent for this Sunday, the board has allowed me to be the guest referee for the Team Swagger vs Team ECW this Sunday!

(The crowd booes and the downed Swagger smiles while holding his chin.)

Heyman: No problem because since I'm the GM of ECW, I too will be a guest referee for that match! So this Sunday its gonna be Team Swagger vs Team ECW with me and you as special guest referees! So let's get tonight's main event match started now!

(The crowd gets hyped as we head into our final commercial break for the night.)

We return with Tommy Dreamer making his entrance to the ring.

Main Event Match:

Jack Swagger and HM (Hooded Man) vs Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Swagger seems to be starting the match off. They lock up with Swagger dishing out a cheap knee shot to the sternum of Dreamer. Swagger then clubs down on the back of Dreamer until he falls to his knees. Swagger runs off of the ropes and delivers a quick dropkick to the chest of Dreamer.

He gets Dreamer by his left leg and drags him to his corner and HM tags himself in. HM goes to the head of Dreamer and hits a ver familiar looking fist drop onto the head of Dreamer. He goes for the cover1..2.. Dreamer kicks out and HM grabs Dreamer by his hair and starts to deliver some huge right handed blows to his temple.

HM then gets Dreamer up to his feet and throws Dreamer very hard chest first into an empty turnbuckle corner. HM then stands up and acts like he's gonna take off the hood, but he doesn't of course. He goes over to Dreamer and gets him up.

He grabs dreamer by the waist and hits a huge belly to belly suplex. HM then stands up and starts to gloat. He then goes to the head of Dreamer and gets him back up to his feet. He then throws Dreamer off of the ropes. Dreamer comes back and misses witha clothesline as HM catches him with a sleeper hold.

Dreamer slowly begins to fade as the ref comes over to check on him. 1...2... Dreamer begins to fight his way back up to his feet and delivers one elbow shot and then a few punches to HM's sternum. Dreamer then runs off of the ropes and runs right into a huge knee blow from HM.

Dreamer goes down hard and HM qucikly goes to him and tries for the pin. 1..2.. Dreamer kicks out and reaches for RVD, but he's too far away. HM grabs Dreamer's left leg and drags him to his corner as Swagger tags himself in. Swagger climbs up to the second rope and delivers a diving elbow drop to the back of the downed Dreamer.

He pushes his forearm on Dreamer's face and goes for the aggressive cover. 1..2.. Dreamer kicks out again. Swagger yells to the fans that it's over. He gets Dreamer up and tries to go for the "Third Degree", but Dreamer lands on his feet as Swagger tried to pick him up and delivers a huge neckbreaker!

Both men are down and the ref has begun his count. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. Swagger grabs the leg of Dreamer and Dreamer hops for a while on one leg. He dives forward and tags RVD!

The crowd pops big and Swagger rubs abd tags HM, but RVDhits him with a superkick. Swagger turns around and tries to kick RVD in the midsection, but RVD catches his foot and hits his signature spinning wheel kick. Swagger goes down and RVD jumps up to the top rope.

(All of a sudden, Paul Burchill's face pops up on the titantron!)

Burchill: Hey! RVD, up here! Me, Henry, and Atlas are coming out to kick you and Dreamer's Extreme Bloody Asses! Oh yeah, don't rely on Finlay and Ortiz to come running to save you, they are having a small issue tryting to get out of their lockeroom.

(The camera spans across and shows that a steel pipe has the door wedged shut!)

Swagger powerslams the distracted RVD off of the top rope! HM throws Dreamer into the steel steps. Out comes Henry, Atlas, and Burchill all come down and get into the ring. The ref rings the bell and the beat down begins.

Burchill gets RVD up and hits his back flip slam. Henry then gets him up and hits the "World's Strongest Slam". He then bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge splash on RVD. Dreamer then crawls into the ring in imense pain. As he tries to get to RVD, Henry then splashes on Dreamers back.

Atlas proceeds to beat down Dreamer with a chair. Swagger then gets RVD up and hits his "Third Degree!" HM gets Dreamer up and and yells something to his face. He then gets behind Dreamer and hits a huge familiar looking facebuster.

Swagger: And the newest member of Team Swagger is...

(HM reveals himself.)

HM: Yes its me... Elijah Burke! And at Wrestlemania this Sunday, ECW will die!

The goes off the air with all men holding each other's hands in the air in victory.


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