Where These 4 Colts Stars Must Improve in 2013

Hayley the Model Sports Fan@@modelsportsfanContributor IIIFebruary 6, 2013

Where These 4 Colts Stars Must Improve in 2013

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    There is always room for improvement. The offseason is when players try and work on their biggest issues. Well, at least the ones that are serious about honing their craft.

    The Colts will be rebuilding this offseason through free agency and the draft. However, the guys that are already on the team do have some work to do.

    Here are the top 4 players and things they can work on. 

Andrew Luck: Consistency

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     Now, before the comments began, just let me explain why. Luck had a completion percentage of 54 this past season. He also had an interception record of 18. Looking at just these numbers it would be easy to say he needs to improve his consistency. However, he was dealing with more than average as a rookie QB. He had constant pressure due to his porous o-line, which caused him to chuck the ball away in distress more than once. The pressure and the changing footwork can easily cause inconsistency. Additionally, he had his own issues with his receivers helping him out with those in completions. The coming season may change Luck’s consistency with the improvement of the O-line and, hopefully, a dependable number 2 WR.

Vick Ballard: Pass Blocking

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    First off, Ballard did improve a lot throughout his first season. He finished fifth in rushing yards out of the pool of rookie running backs. He slowly came into his own throughout his season. With Brown and Carter injured and he made Moore expendable. He’s durable and becoming better as time passes.

    However, Ballard does need to work on his pass blocking. There was more than one moment against the Ravens where he looked lost. He could also improve his catching. He was a rookie who was shouldering the load with all the other RBs injured. It might be a different season for Ballard if he can share the work with another durable RB and behind a stronger line.

T.Y. Hilton: Dropped Passes

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    Hilton was drafted in the third round by the Colts out of Florida International University. Throughout the season he emerged as a nice WR. He has speed and deep threat capabilities.  He’s young, but he may be good enough to take over the number 2 spot if Avery is let go.

    The issue with Hilton is he suffers from a touch of butter fingers. He has drop rate of 16.67. He is tied with Avery for this stat. He can be partially forgiven for being a rookie. Despite this it still needs to be an area where Hilton improves. I feel positive in Hilton continuing to be a big part of the Colt’s success.

Vontae Davis: Time and Durability

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    Davis was a trade that took some time to come to fruition. Davis missed a total of 6 games this past season due to injury. However, he came back strong with three interceptions in the last two weeks. In fact he was named AFC defensive player of the week for Week 17. He’s proven he can provide physical run support and has good hands.  However, he can be better. He has been burnt a few times but has the potential to be an amazing CB. Part of this will be being healthy, and the other part will be having more time with the Colts.  I don’t really have an issue with him- he just needs some more time with the team and to stay healthy.