WWE Manual: Greg Bush's Idea of How to Run 'Raw': Wrestlemania 25

GregCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the big show! This is the time! This is WWE Manual Wrestlemania!!!

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Let's get started!!!

Fireworks go off and the grandest stage of them all begins!

King: Cole, it's finally here! Wrestlemania!!

Cole: I can't believe it either, King. Wrestlemania is here and here are tonight's matches for Raw:

World Title: HBK vs CC vs Y2J vs Randy Orton
Women's Title B&P: Candice Michelle vs Kelly Kelly
Tag Title Triple Threat Hardcore Tornado Tag: APA vs Cryme Tyme vs Bashams
Legacy vs Golden Boys and one of Shawn Michaels former partners

King: Let's get this show on the road with the Tag title match first!

APA vs Cryme Tyme vs Basham Brothers for World Tag Titles

APA comes out first with two shopping carts full of weapons! They look ready and the crowd is making Raw Law chants. Next is Cryme Tyme, who get into the ring with no weapons. They look like they're ready to defend their tag titles. Last, the Bashams come through the crowd with Kendo Sticks!

APA and the Bashams look at Cryme Tyme, who pull out pistols and aim one at each opponent. They begin to shoot, and it's paintballs! They open fire on The Bashams instead of APA, and APA hits them with trash can lids. Then they bring in tables, but the Bashams roll out of the ring. They are pursued by both teams.

APA follows Doug and Cryme Tyme follows Danny. After a Clothesline from Hell by Bradshaw, Doug is put onto barbwire, brought in by the shopping carts. They then tie the barbwire to the carts and pull them in different directions, slowly cutting into Doug's flesh! Doug is screaming in agony and can't get out!

Cryme Tyme is dueling with Danny. They hit Danny with the butts of the guns, and then put his head, legs, and arms in chairs. They stomp on his head and then get on top of the turnbuckles and fly off. JTG lands on the arms with a cross body and Shad drops a flying elbow on the legs!!!

Both brothers are definitely out of the match.

APA and Cryme Tyme get into the ring and stare down eachother. Bradshaw tries a clothesline, but Shad hits him with a running STO! Farooq hits him with a kendo stick, but when he turns around, JTG smacks him with two trash can lids! He then has Shad set up Farooq for the G-9, but when JTG goes to finish it, Bradhsaw hits the Clothesline From Hell and Farooq counters out of the Samoan Drop into a DDT!

They set up for a double powerbomb on Shad, but as they finish it, the Bashams run in with the kendo sticks. They start whailing away on Raw Law. They tie both men to the ropes and beat them repeatedly. One more strike on each one knocked them out the ring!

They look at a broken JTG on the ground and light the table on fire. They pick him up and go for a Double Brain Damage, but Shad jumps in with a fury and takes out both Bashams with chokeslams. He gets JTG and holds Doug over the flaming table. JTG grabs him and drops into a cutter through the burning table!!

Doug is out cold!!

One...two...three!!!!! Still Tag Team Champs: Cryme Tyme!!

APA gets into the ring and shake the hands of Cryme Tyme.

Women's Title match: Candice vs Kelly Kelly (B&P Match)

Candice walks down to the ring in a slow and easy going fashion and makes it appear as if this isn't even a contest. She opens her jacket to reveal she already has half the match lost without her shirt on!

King: Oh my God, Cole!!!! I'm in Heaven!!

Cole: I don't think that will help her win the match...

King: Cole, what in God's name is wrong with you?

Kelly comes down, not impressed, and stares down the champ. Before the match, she taunts the audience but when she turns around, Candice hits her with the belt.

The match starts and Candice takes off Kelly's shirt and prances around for a while. Kelly sneaks up while Candice is doing this and hits a spear! She starts pounding away on Candice. She gets up and looks around the arena. She taunts all the guys in the audience and goes back to Candice, applying a figure-four leglock. Candice is in pain but sees that the pant legs are loose.

She starts pulling on them, but when Kelly notices, she kicks her in the face. Kelly goes outside to get a chair. When she comes back in, the ref tries to stop her, but Kelly "persuades" him into letting her pass. When she goes by, Candice hits a kick to the chair, which bounces off of Kelly's face.

Kelly is out cold.

Candice rips her pants off and continues to pound on Kelly. She then goes down and speaks with the announce team.

King: Candice won, Cole!!! But I have to say, either way this could've turned out, I would've been happy!

Cole: Yes we know, King, and I'm shocked Kelly tried to cheat.

King: What are you saying, Cole? She's a whore! She isn't the standard champion that those...er...she is.

Candice: Thanks, King.

Just as she walks away, a fan throws a drink at her, causing her to run away.

Golden Boys and ??? vs. Legacy

Legacy (Tyson Kidd, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase) make their way down the ramp. They think they have this match won for some reason...

Golden Boys Goldust and Goldberg, still sporting the gold paint, get down the ramp, but wait. They look like they have no idea who their partner is. They wait patiently for what feels like an hour. Finally...

Cena comes out!!!

King: What the...Cena? Why is Cena out here?

Cole: I can't believe it, King!! John Cena is here to support the Raw brand! HBK and "The Champ" were tag champs at one time, if none of you remember...including you, King.

King: I just...I don't...I thought they hated eachother?

Cole: They respect eachother, King. That's all that matters.

Legacy looks shocked at the third opponent, as do the other two.

Goldust starts the match with his brother, Cody. Cody stomps on his foot and hits his brother with a right hand. Goldust reacts by hitting him in the lower(really low) gut. He grabs his brother's head and picks him straight up. He walks to his corner and drops with a suplex.

He tags in Goldberg who manhandles the younger Rhodes for several minutes. Cody tries to tag his other partner in, but Goldberg drags him to his corner. He puts him in the corner and throws his shoulder into Rhodes' gut. He goes to toss him into another corner ,but Rhodes counters and hits a DDT! He tags in Dibiase after a brutal five-foot crawl to his side.

Dibiase gets in and picks up the big man. He puts him on the ropes, bounces off the other side and tackles his gut. He punches Bill in the face repeatedly and one quick shot below the belt which, for some reason, the ref didn't see. He tosses him to the mat and tags in Kidd. Kidd jumps off for the elbow, but Bill rolls out the way.

Both men tag in their partners, Kidd for Dibiase and Bill for Cena! Cena just whups on Kidd for what feels like an eternity. The other two Legacy members run in, but Goldberg runs in and spears Kidd, while Goldust tackles Rhodes.

Cena hits the protoplex, Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Face Buster Leg Drop, and waits for the FU.(That's right, all of it with no interruption.) Kidd stumbles and is caught by Cena. An "Oooh" is heard through the crowd, as we hear skull crushing against metal. When Cena tries to slam Kidd, Rhodes takes out his legs.

All Legacy members come in and knock out the ref. They start triple-teaming on Cena.

Just then, The American Dream's music hits!

Dusty Rhodes comes through the crowd and starts taking on Legacy. Kidd and Dibiase go for him, but Rhodes won't allow it. He picks up Cena and tries to hit the Deadly Crossroads, but his father goes in for the low blow. As the other members go after him, The Golden Boys run in and annihilate Legacy!

Cena tags in Goldust, as Dusty Rhodes rips off his shirt to reveal a ref shirt. Rhodes is the legal man but is unconcious. Goldust picks up the limp body of his brother and hits the Curtain Call.

One...two...three!!!!!!!!!!! Golden Boys and Cena win!!!

King: Wow, I did not expect a return from the father of those two!

Cole: Yes, it was a little shocking.

King: How come you only get excited when you see Cena?

Cole: Huh? What are you implying, King?

King: Just saying...

World Title Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Christian Cage vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

King: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time. We have a special announcer for this match; Michael Buffer is in the ring.

Buffer: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Tonight, we have a Fatal four way match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Now, let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy enters first with a sour look on his face.

King: Well, he looks disappointed.

Christian Cage walks down with Chris Jericho and it looks like the deal is still intact. They all stare at the entrance ramp as they await the Heart Break Kid.

I think I'm cute...

Michaels' music hits, and the crowd goes nuts! He comes out with the special WM Gear and is looking enthusiastic. He gets down on his knees and the pyro goes off, and it's D-X pyro! He gets in the ring and does the patented HBK pose and black pyro shoots up!

King: I guess he's still playing those mind games.

They all stare at Michaels, but when the match begins, Y2J and Cage both attack Orton. They stomp him out and take turns hitting him. They throw him out of the ring and then look at Michaels.

Shawn stares down both men and flies into them with the forearms. He gets pumped up, only to get hit with a kick to the temple by Jericho. Cage hits the Unprettier on Michaels and tosses him out.

Cole: And then there were two.

Y2J looks at Cage with a fire in his eyes only an asshole like him can possess. He stares down his opponent and tries to attack. Cage is to smart for this. He ducks and drops the reverse DDT. He applies a dragon sleeper and puts on the pressure. Jericho grabs the ropes. When Cage lets go, Y2J pokes his eyes.

Y2J throws Cage into the corner and jumps into a cross body. Cage falls over and Y2J jumps off the ropes...Lionsault!

One...two...not enough.

Y2J waits for Cage to get up, but Michaels comes in and hits him with the Fame-Asser. He then sets up Cage. He tunes up the band.

Bam! Sweet Chin Music on Cage! One...two...Orton comes in and breaks it up.

Orton stomps out The Show Stopper and sets up for the punt. All three men are in perfect position for it. Orton chooses Y2J and connects. Jericho is out cold and slumps out of the ring.

Cage goes for the Unprettier, but Orton reverses and Shawn kicks him. He gets back up and...RKO!!!

One...two...Shawn kicks out!

Orton sets up for a punt. Orton aims and goes for it, but Michaels gets out the way, and when Orton turns around, he hits him. Again and again, Michaels strikes Orton's jaw. He picks him up and slams him on the mat. He goes up top and hits the elbow! Shawn tunes up the band.

Miss! Orton ducked and Y2J runs in with the Code Breaker! Y2J turns around and Christian gets him with the Unprettier. He gets up, and RKO!

One...two...Shawn breaks it up!

Orton punts Cage and Y2J in the head. He wants no more problems with this. Shawn connects with another Sweet Chin Music!!

One...two...Orton kicks out! Shawn tunes up the band AGAIN!


One...two...Orton grabs the ropes!

Shawn looks desperate. He's looking around, and a light bulb appears over his head. He grabs a chair, but Orton hits an RKO on Shawn with the chair.

One...two...Shawn grabs the ropes.

Jesus Christ! What else can they do? Orton knows. He figures it out. A punt.

He sets up, but when he goes for it, Shawn catches his leg and applies his Inverted Figure-four Leg Lock! It doesn't take long and Orton taps!!! Shawn Michaels is still the World Heavyweight Champion!!!

King: Oh, my God! Shawn retains the Title!! Shawn is still the champ!!

Cole: It's unbelievable! HBK, The Showstopper, The Icon, has just defeated the odds!!!

This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production


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