NC State Fan in Wheelchair Rushes Court and Gets Assist from CJ Leslie

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2013

It seems every last N.C. State fan got into the postgame brouhaha when the Wolfpack downed the No. 1 Duke Blue Devils on Saturday—even a fan who was in a wheelchair. 

On Saturday afternoon, Duke lost its first game of the season to No. 20 NC State, a conclusion that was well in hand with the clock winding down.  

The assumption of victory left the PNC Arena sidelines teeming with rabid fans ready to rush the court. The scene was one we have taken in plenty of times, but something quite surprising showed up as time expired—a young man in a wheelchair streaking ahead of the masses (via Hot Clicks).  

You can hear Dick Vitale notice the fan and offer his hopes for the kid's well being. You have to admit, it's a scary thing to see someone in a wheelchair enter a raucous student-body pileup. 

Thanks to USA Today (via SportsGrid), we now know that Will Privette, a senior at NC State, is perfectly fine following his court-rushing antics. 

Here is video of Privette entering the fray from his point of view, one that will have you even more fearful for his safety. 

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Privette spoke with USA Today and explained that his epic flight onto the court became all the more memorable thanks to one of the star players for NC State—C.J. Leslie. 

C.J. Leslie was in the middle (of the crowd) and he saw me. I knew him from being around campus. He pushed everyone back and told everyone, "Get back, get back." Once everyone moved and realized what was going on, he picked me up and I've described it as like how you'd hold a baby. Once I realized I wasn't in trouble any more, I started to scream, like "Wooooo! Let's go!" C.J. held me for a little bit because we lost my wheelchair in the sea of people. He held me for a couple of minutes. I was screaming and yelling.

The young man explained that he had rushed the court back in 2010, but was saved by patience in his first go-around, waiting for the first wave of fans to rush the court before joining in. 

This time, a memorable moment became unforgettable, as the very player who dropped 25 points on Duke saved the day and allowed the celebration to go on a little longer. 


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