Roganisms: 10 Things Joe Rogan Loves to Say While Calling Fights

Matt Molgaard@MattmolgaardCorrespondent IIIJanuary 6, 2013

Roganisms: 10 Things Joe Rogan Loves to Say While Calling Fights

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    It isn’t uncommon to catch MMA "fans" chucking verbal barbs in Joe Rogan’s direction. He’s an animated dude who holds a propensity for repeating the same phrases time and again, which wears thin on the nerves of many.

    But those "Roganisms," as we’ll call them, are damn entertaining, and his energetic approach to commentating is infectious.

    The man has an uncanny ability to invoke excitement in home viewers.

    I personally love the charisma that Rogan brings to the broadcast. His passion isn’t transparent. It’s obviously heartfelt, and that’s a strength that separates him from your typical analyst. This dude genuinely loves mixed martial arts.

    It’s not just detectable—it absolutely oozes from his every pore. You can practically see the man sweating (not necessarily a pretty thought) exhilaration as he calls fights.

    A colorful personality should be a requirement for anyone calling a fight, as it keeps home-based onlookers fully engaged in the action. Joe’s got that magnetism, and whether you like the man or loathe him, he’s an integral piece of the UFC machine. He’s a part of the package, at this point fully ingrained, and those goofy Roganisms are a vital piece of the compendium.     

    Dig on 10 of the most recognizable quotes you’ll hear from Joe!

10. “Wow!”

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    Joe passed this simple three-letter expression right on to Mike Goldberg, and now we’re all but guaranteed to hear it belted out in excitement at least 15 times per pay-per-view, barring the occasional dull card.

    Somehow even fairly uneventful cards still siphon a few wows from this duo, and I personally find it quite amusing.

9. “He’s Rocked!”

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    This one isn’t really all too outlandish, as you’ll likely hear it bellowed during just about any full contact event. However, there’s something almost…translucent about it when Joe screams it.

    And believe me, Joe loves to scream it.

    Keep your hands up, that’s all I can say.

8. “World Class”

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    If you enter the cage as a specialist of any one specific discipline, Joe Rogan has declared your skills in that area as world class.

    While I don’t always agree with Rogan’s assessments, he manages to get it right the majority of the time. Much like "he’s rocked," this one surfaces in combat chatter constantly, but it’s a bit more amusing when Joe says it.

    Simply because he says it so much.

7. “Substantial X Advantage”

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    There’s something about the pairing of the words substantial and advantage that apparently tickles the comedian/commentator’s funny bone.

    Just about any advantage one fighter holds over another quickly becomes substantial for Joe. Even closely contested matches seem to produce someone substantially superior in some category.

6. “Seeerious Power in His Hands”

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    If you compete inside the Octagon and pack a wallop in your punches, Joe Rogan has been sure to inform home viewers.

    According to Joe, there are too many fighters with serious power on the UFC’s current roster to even list. He also pronounces the word in long, drawn-out fashion, so much so that the word has adopted too many e’s to ever be certain of spelling it properly.

5. “No Joke”

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    Men with the ability to break your face, ribs and extremities are no joke, I get it. Human wrecking machines are, naturally, a bit frightening.

    That doesn’t damper the humor of Rogan’s constant declarations.

    Seriously, I think Joe declares at least one man per UFC event as "no joke."

    Here’s my two cents, Mr. Rogan: If a dude has fought his way into the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he’s no joke. Which means that essentially none of the men we see enter the cage happens to be a joke.   

4. “That’s a Scary Dude”

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    The most obvious, redundant thing anyone can say about a man who trains full time in preparation to decapitate someone with their near-bare hands is, "That’s a scary dude."

    MMA is a scary sport, through and through. It’s only natural that those who have chosen to compete as professional fighters are a bit default.

    Joe, however, will have you believe that only a select handful of men are frightening. That’s just not the case. As a man who’s been in more than a single street fight, I can honestly tell you that the prospect of duking it out with a professionally trained mixed martial artist borders on terrifying.

    They’re all scary dudes, Joe. Although I’ve got to say, you somehow lighten the intensity of the statement when you toss the "man" on the end of it.

3. “Unbelieeeeveable!”

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    This one tickles my insides.

    Joe’s got to be really excited to brand an in-cage occurrence as unbelievable (again, you can add as many e’s into Joe’s rendition of the word as you see fit), but he likes to squeeze it in a good 10-12 times a year.

    I’ve come to expect the unexpected from this sport, so for me personally, just about anything that can transpire inside the Octagon is believable.

2. “Tremendous”

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    What’s great about Joe’s fondness of the word tremendous is the fact that no one particular thing spawns excessive usage.

    If a guy is fast, his speed tends to be tremendous. If a fighter possesses a vicious power double leg takedown, it’s tremendous.

    Hits hard: tremendous. Takes a big punch: tremendous. Owns a sizable reach advantage: tremendous.

    You see where I’m going with this.

1. “That Dude Is for Real!”

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    And my all-time favorite Roganism is…

    I suppose it had to be this one, right?

    Whether you’re a proven commodity or a flash in the pan, if you show up and you impress in a major, major way—a la Houston Alexander—you’re "for real."

    Joe’s not always entirely correct in this assertion, but it’s become such a familiar announcement that it’s tough not to find amusement in it.

    Thinking of this awesome Roganism always brings me back to the aforementioned Alexander, so I think it’s time to go ahead and dig in the crates for my UFC 71 DVD.

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