Nuri Sahin: Why a Return to Borussia Dortmund Should Be Welcomed

Dusan LucicCorrespondent IIJanuary 6, 2013

Nuri Sahin: Why a Return to Borussia Dortmund Should Be Welcomed

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    According to Bild, Borussia Dortmund might be interested in returning their former player Nuri Sahin to Bundesliga and Signal Iduna Parka.

    Amid those recent rumours, here at Bleacher Report we've decided to argue why a move back to Dortmund should be welcomed.

    Here are a few reasons why Dortmund and Sahin could be a match made in heaven.

Sahin Is Already an Established Player...

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    Having played in the top three European leagues, it's fair to say that Nuri Sahin is a relatively experienced player despite his young age.

    Although he has been far from spectacular in the English Premier League and La Liga, Sahin, who established himself as one of the best deep-lying playmakers in the world at Dortmund, should be able find his form rather quickly in his spiritual home.

    Furthermore, Dortmund's team mainly consists of youngsters and inexperienced players, and having someone who has played in three different leagues could be of great value to the club.

...and a Potential Regular in the First Team

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    Having concluded how great of a player Sahin is, there's no reason to believe he would not slot in seamlessly upon his return to Bundesliga.

    Sahin knows the club, the manager, the tactics and the players. Therefore, he would need less time to settle in at Dortmund than most of the players.

    In Sahin Die Schwarzgelben would get a potentially world-class player with a fantastic vision on the ball, an outstanding passing array, and an expert in set pieces.

    Jurgen Klopp could do with a player like him in the squad.

Squad Depth

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    Even if it turns out that Sahin is not good enough to be a regular in the first team, the Turkish international would still add some much-needed depth to the current Dortmund squad.

    Everyone knows the areas that most desperately need added depth at Dortmund are the central midfield and full-back positions.

    Although he probably wouldn't be able to cover for the full-back position, being a fantastic playmaker, Sahin would easily provide the club with depth in central midfield.

There's No Better Place for Him

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    There is arguably no better place for Sahin than the club in which he started his career and established himself as one of Europe's finest midfielders.

    As Dortmund director Michael Zorc sternly concluded, the reason why the midfielder is currently performing below standard is because he is not used correctly (via

    Should Sahin return to Dortmund, there would be no worries about whether he is being used accordingly, since the midfielder already reached his peak form while playing under Klopp two years ago.

Sahin Could Be the Difference Between Winning a Trophy and Not Winning Anything

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    Should Sahin settle in and return to his top form at Dortmund, the midfielder could, quite simply, prove to be the difference in the title race in Bundesliga and would probably play an important role in the Champions League.

    It is clear Sahin has a lot of potential, and not signing him when given the opportunity to do so would be a huge mistake for Die Schwarzgelben.

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