Boise State Football: Chris Petersen's Best Recruiting Pitch

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIJanuary 3, 2013

Boise State Football: Chris Petersen's Best Recruiting Pitch

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    Boise State has an excellent head football coach, and those in the college football world realize that. However, what many don't know and can't seem to figure out is what makes him tick.

    Year after year coach Chris Petersen coaches his team to double-digit win totals. He has also led his team to several conference championships, and many of his former players now play on Sundays. He is 84-8 since taking over as head coach for the Broncos in 2006, and he has won five of seven bowl games, which includes two Fiesta Bowl victories.

    Yet, coach Petersen defies some critics and continues to stay in Boise when so many other excellent coaching jobs are available to him. Yet, Boise isn't all that surprised.

    If Chris Petersen is anything, he is a man of his word. People in Boise trust him, but even more important—his players do as well.

    In a day and age of superstars, loud opinions, saying one thing and doing another, coach Petersen stands out. He seems to be a modest, humble and very intelligent man who keeps his word and cares for others.

    It is those qualities along with others that make him a successful coach, motivator and recruiter. With that in mind, let's look at what might be coach Pete's best recruiting pitch.

Become a Better Player, and a Better Man

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    Coach Petersen is all about making people better. However, he doesn't seem to be interested in just making his players better at the game of football. He also wants them to become successful in the game of life.

    Parents must like it when coach Pete lets them and their talented son know that he is going to help the young man become a much better football player. However, those same parents must love it when Petersen lets them know that he is also interested in making them better men.

    Chris Petersen wants his players to become great football players, great students, great husbands, great fathers and successful in whatever they do on the field and beyond it.

    It is certainly an attractive recruiting pitch, and many parents and players seem to appreciate that approach.


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    Education is certainly a staple in most head coaches recruiting bag. However, with Petersen it is at the top of the list. Coach Pete makes sure that every recruit knows how important it is and that they will not be able to slide by on mediocre grades.

    Proof of this is the fact that for three years in a row Boise State's football program has finished in the top three of every FBS school in academics. In 2010 the Broncos were second only to Stanford, and in 2011 they were second again behind only Penn State.

    Parents, no doubt, love this kind of pitch, but dedicated recruits do as well. Those who are not serious about education need not apply to play on "The Blue."

The Winning

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    One of the most successful recruiting pitches someone like Petersen is sure to have is the overwhelming number of wins his team has experienced.

    Everyone loves to win, but not everybody does it.

    Chris Petersen, as mentioned in the introduction, is 84-8 as the Boise State head coach since 2006. He probably doesn't even have to mention this, but you have to think any recruit that pays attention knows that the Broncos make winning a habit.

He Cares About the Players

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    Coach Petersen believes in three values that every coach should have.

    First, he wants to build up his players and make them feel good about what they do on and off the field.

    Second, he looks at ways that he can "add value" into every player's life.

    Lastly, he wants his team to enjoy the game. Not only that, but he wants his players to learn how to win, but to help each other along when things don't go so well.

    These values help Petersen be the excellent coach he is, and they no doubt help motivate recruits who want to play for a coach like him.

National Exposure

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    Boise State has become a regular fixture on television for many years now. The blue turf has been seen many times, and players recognize that. Again, this is probably a pitch Petersen doesn't have to throw out there, but recruits certainly know all about it.

    Petersen knows the value of exposure, and with the new television deal for the Broncos in the Mountain West Conference, it appears that media exposure won't end any time soon.

He Asks for Commitment, but Gives It Too

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    When coach Petersen enters a living room of a potential recruit you have to believe parents and players want to know if he is going to stick around.

    With all the rumors of Petersen leaving and going elsewhere, it has to be nice when Petersen looks them all in the eyes and says that he is committed to staying at Boise.

    Some might be skeptical, but year after year, he holds true to his word. His commitment has to be inspiring and encouraging for any recruit thinking about playing at Boise State.

His Best Pitch

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    After all is said and done, the best pitch Chris Petersen has when recruiting players is simply himself.

    Players and parents know that Petersen is genuine from the first time they meet him. They know he cares and that he can be trusted. They also know that he will help to make every player into a better player and a better man.

    Parents understand that education is important to him and that he cares about every aspect of their son's life. Petersen is committed and players and parents know he won't promise them one thing and then bolt for the first opportunity that comes his way.

    The winning and exposure speak for themselves, but in the end it's the actions of Petersen that speak loudest.


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