The NFL Is a Quarterback-Starved League

Mike AlessandriniCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2009

Of the many positions in the sport of football, one would have a very strong argument that the Quarterback is the most important position.

Quarterbacks can lead teams to comeback victories, be a focal point to a championship team, and are usually the "face of the franchise" in the NFL.

But a problem is generating around the NFL: Not many teams have these talented Quarterbacks. Few teams are extremely lucky to say that they have and elite QB and would not upgrade in that position in any way, shape or form.

Let's have a look at the teams that have a very good starting Quarterback:

That is 10 teams out of 32 in the NFL. To put that into perspective, that's roughly 31 percent of the league.

Not even one third of the NFL!

On the other hand, here are some teams that are struggling to fix their QB situation, or, do not have a starting-caliber QB:

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  • Chicago- Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton
  • Minnesota- Sage Rosenfels is not starting caliber, nor is Tarvaris Jackson.
  • Detroit- Probably the toughest QB situation right now.
  • St. Louis- Marc Bulger stinks.
  • San Francisco- Shaun Hill is not the answer. Alex Smith is a bust.
  • Tampa Bay- Luke McCown should not be starting.
  • Oakland- JaMarcus Russell hasn't proven himself yet.
  • New York Jets- No Brett Farve, tough QB situation.
  • Buffalo- Trent Edwards is not starting-caliber.
  • Cleveland- Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are battling it out.
  • Jacksonville- David Garrard had a horrible season last year.
  • Washington- Jason Campbell is very inconsistent.
  • Tennessee- Kerry Collins is just efficient, not much of a QB.
  • Seattle- Matt Hasselbeck's glory days are over.
  • Carolina- It does not matter what people say. Jake Delhomme stinks.

This list contains 15 teams, almost half of the NFL. That is quite a bit of teams struggling to fix their QB issue.

So why is the NFL lacking star Quarterbacks?

Well, despite the lack of overall talent, the draft is partially to blame. Potential busts such as Vince Young, David Carr, Alex Smith and J.P. Lossman would have made this situation easier if they were as good as everyone thought they were.

There has also been a display of bad coaching to these Quarterbacks, and the inability for a team to produce a good team around them. Any Quarterback will struggle with a bad offensive line, so their confidence gets crushed after their first season or two.

Unfortunately, the lack of star QB's in the NFL is a growing issue. With a few players nearing retirement or playing past their prime, the NFL could be in trouble. This year's draft doesn't seem like it will solve the problem either, as there are not many good QB prospects coming out.

Today, the NFL is a QB-starved league. Many teams are unable to be competitive because of their lack of talent at Quarterback.

These same teams will continue their attempt to upgrade this position, but in the end, there just aren't many options out there.

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