Mock Drafts...Why Are We Captivated By Them?

Brandon Erickson@derkipstaCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

April is almost upon us...and the annual NFL draft is nearly upon us. College players waiting to fulfill their destiny in the NFL; their wait is finally nearing an end.

There is a lot of excitement for the draft, even if all you watch is games, simply because of the spontaneousness of the draft and what it implies to rival teams.

There's even the old wives tales about teams drafting such as the Minnesota Vikings inability to draft a kicker or the New York Jets curse of never being able to draft a quality player in the first round...

But the is not why I am writing this to all you readers out there. Because I'm sure I speak for many sports enthusiasts and writers when I say that I have long waited the end of the Draft.

Many might ask, why? Why will you be happy once the cycle of bringing in young blood is complete?

I can tell you as most of you know, none of us are really against seeing new blood get drafted...in fact, the Draft day itself is probably the second-most exciting universal NFL event behind the Super Bowl in which every team eyes and gawks.

So why will I be happy once it's over?

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So I that I will not be cursed with reading and watching 500 variances of how a team will draft in the seventh round.

Mock Drafts are the suspense to the Draft and what makes the Draft as exciting as it is, but all the same... who their right mind actually tries to figure out who is going to get drafted in the seventh round?

Okay, yes, so many great players of old have become hall of famers from the seventh round. I completely respect and honor those players.

Although, I have little respect and patience for writers that actually look that deeply into the drafting process.

When you designate an entire article (let alone one paragraph) to the seventh round, you have wasted so much time on a player that has nine to 17 percent chance (pending his position) to amounting to anything in the NFL that isn't on a practice squad.


I've noticed that how much we try to resist it, other opinions of when certain players will be picked is interesting and informative some times to us for at least the first round or two.

We can't help but drool over players that may or may not join an already star packed team. We're enslaved to the greed of success of a team. No matter how much we fight it.

Numbers and ratings mean something. It enslaves our minds and sticks like adhesive and forces us to finish reading all 32 picks of a round before we can either close or turn away.

The NFL portion of Bleacher Report has had a mock draft of some sort since the postseason was nearing an end in mid-January for teams that had already fallen trying to find something to look forward to.

Since then, the Mock Drafts have multiplied and captivated the minds of those across the league that have been bored by the silent free agency of some teams.

All I can say is, it's interesting if you give a fresh perspective to why your pick is different from the next guy's pick, but why write the same article as the last guy as far as who you think will go when? It's pretty much a clear copy of the past article.

Beyond the copying of several mock drafts, comes those take the draft way too seriously. Why for the love of Jahosafat does someone write an article about the fourth-round pick for the Washington Redskins? Who cares! (No offense Redskin fans.)

It is neither entertaining nor fitting for readers to read about players that may (or as you claim) may not lead irrelevant careers.

But of course, you never know...you could write about an irrelevant seventh rounder who might just become the next Brett Favre...you only have one to three percent odds of drawing a hall of famer from the seventh round...might have a better chance then the lotto...

Leave your comments and sly remarks below...

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