Terrell Owens Skips Optional Workout-In Other News Rain Still Falls From The Sky

Brandon Erickson@derkipstaCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2009

As you no doubt have heard in the news today, or any time this week, the media has been giving their take on Terrell Owens choice to stay out of optional workouts.

After the veteran wide-out was released by the Dallas Cowboys earlier this month, Owens signed a one-year, $6.5 million deal with the Buffalo Bills.

"I talked to Coach Jauron prior to the start of the workouts about [only attending required workouts] that," Owens told reporters. "Right now if there's nothing mandatory that I have to be a part of, then I won't intend to be there."

Owens said he expects to attend Buffalo's mini-camp in June, and could possibly work out with his new teammates at some other point in the offseason, but when it comes to staying in shape—T.O. prefers to do things his way, on his own.

I know I'd love to join in on the "Let's poke fun at T.O. parade," but to be honest, it's a dry story. It's just a spark of interest in an offseason with lacklustre drama like Jay Cutler and Dante Stallworth.

The story isn't by any means surprising. If Buffalo expected this guy to show up to optional workouts, they just wasted $6.5 million on a guy that obviously plays his way.

Owens has always been one for the limelight, but this is obviously just a cruel pitch for attention from the NFL media, when their isn't much "big news" happening and they are competing for sports news segments with March Madness.

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Owens has been more of an inward player for the duration of his career. It shouldn't surprise anyone that he decided to skip workouts even though 90% of the roster showed up for them.

"I've never gone to a voluntary workout," Owens said. "I have a personal trainer. I take very good care of myself. I take pride in coming into camp in shape.

"If I'm in the area, I tend to stop by the facilities and work out with the guys. You know, I'm looking forward to that type of stuff."

Two weeks ago, Jauron noted Owens has a history of not taking part in voluntary sessions with his past teams, but hoped the Bills would be an exception.

"My hope is that he's here," Jauron said. "He knows how important it is for us, particularly in his first year with us."

Well, congratulations Dick Jauron, you've received your first tase of "Terrell Ownage."

Fortunately for Jauron, it wasn't surprising, nor was it in any way an eye catcher.

Try again ESPN.

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