Six Impacts a Longer Season Will Have on the NFL and FFL: Thank Lucifer!

Scott FingerhutContributor IMarch 26, 2009

TAMPA, FL - DECEMBER 28: Fullback Jameel Cook #33 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ponders a failed playoff bid and an injury to running back Carnell Williams against the Oakland Raiders at Raymond James Stadium on December 28, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Fantasy Football can be like crack. I'll admit, I was an FFL crack daddy—so much so that I told my wife she needed to get into FFL or our marriage would suffer. “Honey, this will bring us closer together...Don't you want to share something that's important to me?”  She did and she beat me in the first round of the playoffs.

Having never lit up a crack rock, I can't truly compare quitting cold turkey to the let down of a long season along with the exuberance (sometimes tears) of it being over. No matter what the outcome, I've always been relieved at the end of a season. But now, the journey to the end might be longer.

What's happened?

Money happened—plain and simple. The NFL will make more of it and I'm sure it will cost us some more. We might see costs for the Sunday Ticket and FFL league fees go up. I mean, that's a couple more weeks of stat crunching and server up time for our favorite providers.

Of course, if you are drafting the day before the season starts, the application will probably still bomb. But, let's stay on subject here—the expanded season!

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Let's not feel sorry that the athletes will play another one or two games, hopefully without big pay raises. When you take into account what's sure to be a combination of many more legit and bogus/over-dramatized injuries, players will most likely still get paid the same amount for the games they play.

Will we finally revel in the thought that a regular FFL season plus playoffs can be free of matchups plagued by sandbagging, player resting, junk-time scoring, and backup RB nirvana? Of course not, so I'll end on:

Six impacts of what an extended schedule will bring:

1. Al Davis sets the all-time record for most coaches in a single season.

2. Your stupid FFL commission (me included) can't leave well enough alone and extends the season 'til week 18 or 19 putting back in play what we hated so much (useless stars when you need them most).

3. The NFL comes to an agreement with the players that 'roids are acceptable after the 10th game of the season and all players are on a National Health Care Plan.

4. As a concession to players and knowing the Pro Bowl has become worthless, the NFL decides to rename and merge the two bowl games into the Super Pro Bowl.

5. The NFL announces the 2010 Super Pro Bowl is Valentine's Day (Sunday, Feb. 14).

6. The divorce rate in America goes WAY up with all time high filings in late February and 2011 FFL subscriptions skyrocket.

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