Michelle Jenneke Is Perfect Imaginary Girlfriend in Hilarious Chive Video

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 13, 2012

Michelle Jenneke is cramming just about a lifetime's worth of fame into 2012, getting this hilarious video in by the new year. 

This video is from the minds of those procurers of hilarious images, The Chive, and they have seen fit to make a video off one of their memes. 

Here is Mac Faulkner, aka "Forever Alone." One quick jaunt through that link will explain why they call him that. 

Well, they decided to use the biggest Internet star of 2012 to see what it was like to be Forever Alone after watching the famed viral video of Jenneke warming up for a track meet in Barcelona. 

The start of the video is a hilarious rendition of how some may have seen the Australian hurdler for the first time: "...I think I just forgave my father."

When the buddies leave, Forever Alone gets lost in a fantasy world where Jenneke is the perfect girlfriend, making you pancakes, playing video games and watching Up while you both lose it emotionally. 

Perfect girlfriends make you pancakes, right? Because I've had similar fantasies. 

The video ends with Forever Alone missing out once again, with the actual Jenneke leaving on a date with his bro. 

Poor guy is destined to be forever alone.

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