Is Something Cooking for Favre and Cutler?

Mark JohnsonContributor IMarch 23, 2009

There is no doubt that Jay Cutler's agent (Bus Cook) plays a large role in the heated controversy between Cutler and the Denver Broncos. However, one must ask, why two years in a row is Bus Cook involved in these massive quarterback controversies?

There are a number of pieces of information that are worth taking a look during this controversy. Here is a look at some pieces that paint an interesting picture, when put together.

1) Brett Favre had a desire to play football in the 2008 season with the Green Bay Packers, but was declined.

2) Brett Favre asked to be released in order to sign with another team, but was declined, once again. (Also worth noting: Favre grew bitter towards head coach Mike McCarthy).

3) Brett Favre publicly expressed a desire to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

4) Brett Favre and Bus Cook were on McCarthy till Favre was traded to the N.Y. Jets. (Also worth noting: a clause was added to the trade that prohibited the Jets from trading Favre to Minnesota).

5) The Broncos attempted to trade Jay Cutler in exchanged for Matt Cassel.

6) Jay Cutler grew upset and asked to be traded.

7) The Jets spoke with the Broncos, informing them of their interest in Jay Cutler.

It may be just a coincidence that Bus Cook and the N.Y. Jets are potentially involved in yet another major quarterback exchange, but it doesn't seem that way.

Bus Cook saw an opportunity to help both of his clients. Jay Cutler needs a team with a strong defense, and Favre wants to stick it to McCarthy by playing quarterback in the NFC North.

So now, Bus Cook gets Jay Cutler traded to the Jets, and out of appreciation, the Jets grant Brett Favre his release, who would then call the Vikings' organization (which is still without a quarterback), and strikes up a deal.

This theory was originated on Vikings.com


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