Jay Cutler Has Much To Learn from the Cleveland Browns' QBs

Mike MuratoreCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 6:  Jay Cutler #6 of the Denver Broncos looks for a receiver against the Cleveland Browns during the third quarter of their NFL game at Cleveland Browns Stadium November 6, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

Many times we hear the word "professional" associated with the National Football League. Often it is stated that "it is a business," and it should be known by now that player movements are very common.

Coaches prefer "their guys" that fit "their system", and sometimes even very talented players find themselves being moved to new teams.

All of this, apparently was lost on Jay Cutler.

New Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels upon taking the job probably had no intention of trading his pro-bowl face-of-the-franchise quarterback. At the scouting combine however, he was approached about the possibility of acquiring the QB he has spent the last two years grooming in Matt Cassel.

The issue was explored, but nothing came of the discussions.

Cutler, meanwhile, already stewing that a coach he liked playing for was fired, further enraged that his offensive coordinator was not retained catches wind of the trade murmurs and has a hissy fit.

Upon Shanahan's release, he hinted that maybe he should be released as well, and that negative sentiment boiled over into a full on temper-tantrum with the star QB stamping his feet and pounding his fists screaming "I WANT TO BE TRADED!"

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A meeting set to "calm the waters" seemed to only throw gas on the fire, and rather than mending fences Cutler placed his Denver home for sale.

McDaniels and the Broncos ownership seem fairly stunned at Cutler's reaction, and why shouldn't they? Every player is trade-able for the right price, and a QB that the new coach is already familiar with is in many cases the right price.

Still, the deal wasn't done, it wasn't more than an idea, and isn't Cutler over-reacting just a tad?

Juxtapose to the Cleveland Browns' quarterback room for a moment.

Cleveland is also housing a new coaching regime, and has a fan favorite Quarterback that the front office hasn't publicly endorsed as of yet in Brady Quinn.

Quinn has been involved in several trade-for-Cutler scenarios, as well as being battered by NFL Network's Mike Lombardi in several recent stories saying everything from "Quinn will have to compete for job" to "Quinn is not accurate enough to succeed in the NFL".

Quinn is also in a real struggle to emerge as the starter over former Pro-Bowler Derek Anderson.

Interviewed at a Cavaliers game Saturday, Quinn downplays the rumors. He maintains the attitude that he can only control what he can, and he continues to work as hard as he can on the field. "As of now I am a Cleveland Brown, and I will continue to work to make the Browns better as long as I am a member of the team," Quinn says.

The attitude is shared by his competition as well.

Anderson, in a word, flopped following his Pro-Bowl appearance in 2007. He was benched after eight starts in 2008 following a very lack-luster half season. Still, he remained up beat.

He remained a team player and has stated again and again that he will do everything he can to make the Browns better as long as he is on the roster. Following several trade rumors this off season, Anderson's attitude stayed true. "I am a Cleveland Brown," Anderson said at an Oregon golf outing. "That's who I play for and that is who I will work hard for."

So what is it that makes the Brown's QB's so humble and so quick to say the right thing? Through struggles and injuries, benching and competitions, these guys have never let an inflammatory comment fly.

They have maintained a level head throughout, and have always said exactly what you would want the leader of your team to say.

What is to be made of Cutler then? If he is a true Franchise Quarterback, shouldn't he have just a little bit of a stiffer upper lip? Shouldn't he be able to take a punch and wipe it off with a smile? Shouldn't a leader set some kind of example for his team?

The answer of course is no, as the phones in Denver endlessly ring with a minimum of ten teams calling for Cutler's services.

His arm is dazzling. He can sling it. But when the cards are down, and the pressure is on, can he take it? In this competition of composure, Cutler is coming up short.

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