John Elway Talks Cutler, Says He's Sad For "Both Sides"

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst IMarch 21, 2009

Jay Cutler was thought by many to be the Denver Broncos next John Elway—a young kid with a strong arm destined for the Super Bowl, and possibly even Hall of Fame, greatness.

The last time the Broncos were even close to the biggest game of the year, was a year before Cutler arrived, 2005, when Denver beat the New England Patriots in the Division Playoffs, only to lose to eventual champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers a week later.

Since Cutler arrived a year later to replace Jake "The Snake" Plummer, the Broncos haven't won a single playoff game.

And with the turbulent relationship that's developed between Cutler and new head coach Josh McDaniels, and a rumored trade that could come this weekend, Denver's last franchise quarterback is speaking out on the, "sad and unfortunate," drama in the Mile High City.

"I understand Jay's feelings got hurt, but it's too bad it has got to where it is," Elway said. "I wish Jay would have got some better advice from whoever he was getting advice from."

He could very well be referring to Bus Cook—Cutler's agent—who is said to be the one who demanded a trade, and then turned around to ask for a bigger contract for the former Vanderbilt standout.

"I'm sad for the Broncos, because I think that Jay is a great player and he obviously has a lot of potential and this is a great place for a player like him to play. Hopefully, they can get the rift fixed, because I don't think that there's any rift that's too solid," Elway said.

The Denver Post reports that "more than 10" teams are interested in the Pro Bowler. Among them are the Cleavland Browns, Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and others.

Another team often brought up is the Chicago Bears. No teams can publicly say if they will try to acquire Cutler because he is, for now, still a Denver Bronco.

Trade meetings between Denver and teams looking at Cutler are expected to continue through Wednesday.


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