Detroit Lions, Whole Lot Of Holes On Defense

Leo ShineContributor IMarch 21, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - DECEMBER 28: Ernie Sims #50 of the Detroit Lions asks for an ruling from a referee during a game between the Lions and the Green Bay Packers on December 28, 2008 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Lions 31-21. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

It seems to me that the whole quarterback discussion is clouding the glaring needs on defense. Everybody is focusing on the band-aid, and not the wound. A quarterback may make this team score more, but the defense is in need of immediate attention.

If the Lions trade for Jay Cutler, or draft Matthew Stafford, they will improve the offense, which is something that needs to be done and deserves a lot of discussion. The Lions need a long-term quarterback—as do most teams.

Considering this, the offense—in my opinion—is not the side of the ball that lost 16 games last year. I do not think that it would be wise to give up to much to acquire a quarterback.

Schwarts has said many time that he wants to run the ball and stop the run. With Redding going to Seattle, and no true inside linebacker, the Lions have a very weak middle in the defense.

They are in desperate need of DTs and a run stuffing MLB. This needs to be rectified if the Lions want to stop offenses from charging down the field at will, as they did in every game last year. 

The interior of the D-line only has one legitimate starter in Grady Jackson and he can only play two downs in a row. Alama-Francis is a less talented Cory Redding which did not fit the player size and style Schwartz is looking for.

The Lions have to acquire a DT that can start via the draft and possibly add a free agent. This would make the linebackers play more effective by stuffing the middle and adding pressure.

Jordan Dizon, currently listed to start at MLB, is too small and not an effective run stopper. The Lions need to add a starter at this position more than likely through the draft. They need to add a true run stuffing inside linebacker to survive the NFC North.

If the Lions do not improve the middle of this defense in the draft, this will go against what Schwartz all of us need to realize is the real reason this team could, and will not win.

Whether or not the Lions get their quarterback will not matter if they do not fill the holes in the defense.


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