Kansas City Chiefs Name Their DC and Use Their Money...Finally!

Jordan DouglassContributor IMarch 18, 2009

I took a bit of a hiatus, thinking this would be another slow offseason for Kansas City until around draft day. Boy was I wrong!

The Kansas City Chiefs finally named their defensive coordinator in Clancy Pendergast. The former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator joined the Chiefs' staff 10 days after he announced he wasn't returning to Arizona.

The Chiefs picked up two new assistant coaches. Nick Sirianni, the former wide receivers' coach at the University of Pennsylvania, will serve as the offensive quality control coach, and Ronnie Bradford, the former assistant, defensive backs, and special teams coach of the Denver Broncos, will serve as the defensive assistant.

The Chiefs also went on a roster-shaking spree, gaining several players and releasing a quarterback.

With five quarterbacks deep, one of them had to go, and the casualty was Quinn Gray.

As much as I would've loved to have seen Brodie Croyle be the one cut loose, I understand why they didn't. Gray was an emergency sign once Huard and Croyle went down and wasn't a long-term fit with the Chiefs' scheme.

Croyle has the arm that Haley wants and is young, so he sees potential with the former 'Bama star.

The Chiefs added depth at their position by re-signing special-teams captain Jon McGraw and striking a deal with former Browns cornerback Travis Daniels.

I like both of these signs. McGraw was a bright spot on our lackluster special teams, recording tackles when need-be and filed in on plays when asked.

Daniels also puts a smile on my face. Despite the fact that he only played in one game last season, he still has four years of experience under his belt, which will be useful for our young cornerback corps.

Will he be a leader of sorts? Probably not, as he's still young, but he can help make Flowers and Carr more productive and provide insight for both young players.

Adding to their defense, the Chiefs also came to terms with linebackers Darrell Robertson, Corey Mays, and Monty Beisel.

Seeing Monty Beisel come across the screen as a new Chief was music to my ears. We add another veteran to our core with Super Bowl experience and pass rushing capability.

Plus, it's good to see him in that Chief red once again. He's played along side Vrabel, so instant chemistry, and he's veteran, but not an "old" veteran, so he still has years left in the tank.

Even the offense got a few new players and wide-outs Terrance Copper and Bobby Engram were signed to deals.

Engram adds a pair of reliable hands for Cassel to throw to in the once-shaky Chiefs offense. Plus, as a 13-year veteran, he can take Dwayne Bowe under his wing and help further guide him into being a force on the field.

Now, he won't be a down-the-field threat by any means, but he will be reliable on short yardage situations and spreading a defense to provide more looks.

Copper will provide a good look on the slot front or as a fourth wide-out under Bradley in a four wide set. Another pair of shore hands and a potential deep threat if the opposition isn't looking for him. Although people will be talking about Gonzo, Bowe, and Engram, you can add Copper's name to a list of favorite hands Cassel may throw to.

All in all, I'm pretty excited about all of theses signs, but it makes me wonder whom the Chiefs wil draft. With the signing of wideouts and several linebackers, it appears as if Crabtree or Curry are out of the picture.

Could this mean that the Chiefs are looking for a lineman?

Could Eugene Monroe be on his way to Arrowhead?

Needless to say, the Chiefs' third pick maybe provide plenty of intrigue.


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