Are the New Orleans Saints' Recent Moves Great?

Tom ThomasonCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

The New Orleans Saints' franchise has been busy recently with some very decisive moves after the start of free agency. The Saints have been very vocal about needing to upgrade their depleted secondary.

It would be hard to find fault with this way of thinking after 2008.

But I will take a shot at it.

It's no secret that Sean Payton is a finesse coach. He differs from coaches (who are usually very successful) who use the ground game to set up the pass. It also seems he may lack the patience to grind it out.

Problem is, this seems to bleed over onto the Defensive side of the Saints' organization.

Saint fans have been clamoring for the signing of Darren Sharper lately. While I'm sure he can help the weak secondary, I'm not sure this is the most glaring need on Defense. The last few years have seen the Defensive line rack up less sacks every year.

In 2006, they had a respectable 38 sacks. Not great but decent. 2007 it was 32. Finally, last year, it fell to a putrid 28 sacks. Not exactly striking the fear of God into QB's around the league.

And to make things worse, the Saints are paying Charles Grant and Will Smith a lot of money for almost nothing in return. Last year's sack leader Bobby McCray brought in as a pass rush specialist and outplayed both of the starters. Not to mention Backup Jeff Charleston outplayed the starters as well.

I guess the point is, instead of piling up a whole slew of mediocre backups for depth on the Defensive line. They need to find some real starters first. They need some defensive ends that pressure the offense into mistakes regardless of sacks or not.

Without pressure up front, it wont matter how many Darren Sharpers you bring in...


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