Top 10 NFL Bets That Are Sure To Pay Off This Year

Victor FerenziCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

10.  ESPN tells us how great Tom Brady and the Patriots are.

· This happens every year, no matter what. Patriots get caught cheating, ESPN says “they’re facing adversity.” More suspensions for drugs or illegal hits? We’ll hear “look how well they’re doing in spite of all the problems they have.” ESPN’s ability to spin any situation into positive PR for the Patriots is uncanny. Maybe Rod Blagojevich should hire them.

9.  Al Davis will find someone other than himself to blame for the Raider’s woes.

·  I’m not a huge Lane Kiffen fan, but if you believe what Davis has been saying then give me a call, I have a bridge I want to sell you. Crazy Uncle Al has been doing this for years. No one is safe from the boss in Oakland. The man has been sticking his nose in his team's business for way to long. This works to some extent for guys like Jerry Jones; he at least knows a little about football. Al Davis’ idea of good football hasn’t been effective since Truman was in office.

8. Adam “pacman” Jones goes to a strip club.

· Does this really need an explanation? I mean seriously, this guy sees more ass than a toilet seat.

7. John Madden cries publicly on national television about not being able to see

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Brett Favre play anymore.

· This may be the longest standing man-crush in the public eye.

6. T.O. has more complaints about Trent Edwards than touchdown passes.

· T.O. has talent, and takes more heat than he should with all the criminals in the league, but man does he cry a lot. It doesn’t even have to be something Edwards does, after that first really cold night in Buffalo T.O. may decide he wants out.  

5. Tom Brady does not return to form; New England regrets letting Cassel go for a second-round pick.

· I’m not saying Brady will never return to form, but his was a serious injury. A serious injury that has run into several complications including additional surgeries. Then again Brady does have connections to Gregg Anderson and New England players are no strangers to the syringe, maybe a recovery is possible. Hey, I’m just saying!

4. The Redskins miss the playoffs; Dan Snyder still won’t realize that he can’t buy a championship.

·  Every few years Snyder over pays for a ton of talent. He usually just ends up killing their cap for a few years. He may get talent, but with poor cap management they’re constantly in danger of losing draft picks due to penalty. They also have poor retention because of escalating base salaries. They’re always missing the little pieces. Most importantly, you can’t buy heart, chemistry, consistency.

3. Chris Berman will open his mouth at the draft and something annoying will come spewing out.

· Seriously, who does this guy have pictures of? How does he have a job? What does he bring to the table? Even his colleagues, past and present alike, take shots at him. Although he does take time in between making funny noises to game footage to yell at set members and talk about smuggling drugs in from Canada.

2. One of Drew Rosenhaus’ clients will be unhappy and hold out.

· I know you can’t officially black ball Rosenhaus, but come on. How long will teams keep working with him. GMs hate him, other agents hate him, and every time a team caves to his demands another player decides that switching agents is a good idea.

1. Officials will blow a terrible call that just happens to keep a team from covering the spread.

· Happens every year. Conspiracy theorists go nuts. Normally Mike Periera would go on NFLTA and explain it away as a “judgment call”, but Periera is gone this year.

Are refs fixing games? I don’t know. I do know that it does happen, just ask the NBA. That is why it is so important to hold referees to a much higher standard. When players and coaches so much as sneeze funny they’re brought into the spotlight and publicly disciplined.

Officials are defended by the league and the media (mostly) alike. Many members of the media act as though complaining about officiating is low class, a “losers lament.”

It is implied as though if you don’t like something the officials have done it is because you are a mouth breathing homer who couldn’t possibly be objective. Here in Chicago, we have a couple of know-it-alls on the radio at 2:00 who love to belittle people for questioning refs, until they don’t like something that the refs do.

It is not a conspiracy theory, sometimes refs are just bad! Shouldn’t an honest, but bad, ref be gone just as quickly as dishonest, but good, ref?

I have this theory, it goes like this.

Media members can’t afford to have the validity of the game called into question. If the game’s validity is questioned then the game becomes fake, no better than “professional” wrestling.

How many media member make a living covering “professional” wrestling? So just take the validity away from anyone who questions the game.


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