Jay Cutler: Football's New Cry Baby

Kristin HamlinSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2009

To trade Jay Cutler, or to not trade him, that is the question. 

One would think that Bowlen would just want to trade him and get rid of the emotional baggage Cutler has brought to the team.  It’s evident that Jay and new coach Josh McDaniel’s don’t exactly get along.  Logical thing to do is get rid of the person causing such hype, right?

On the flip-side though, Cutler is also entering the prime of his career, which says a lot considering the NFL is lacking quality QB’s lately. 

Teams are going to want him and the Broncos need him. 

While it’s safe to say that Jay is definitely no Tom Brady, it also needs to be noted that he has been playing with one of the worst defenses in the league for the past two years.  Not too much you can do when given that kind of challenge.

Here’s my issue though.  What the hell happened to the game of football?  When did this whining become something that even crosses an athlete’s mind?  (Hey T.O. are you listening?). 

Honestly, Cutler should be ashamed of himself.  To me, a player loses so much face and respect by acting like a four year old child that just got his favorite toy taken away by his not so favorite Uncle. 

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Jay Cutler definitely fits into the category of mice and not men.

We all have jobs in which not every day is perfect.  More than likely, we all have days where our boss infuriates us or we really despise our job. 

I am sure we have all been through a fellow co-worker getting laid off, right?

We all have our own way of handling it.

But this is football

The same sport where 300 lb men tackle men half their size and you look like a sissy if you don’t get up immediately afterword.  This is a game where you will do anything to make a catch, regardless of the results. Video

This is a game where courage is everything and a man’s reputation is valued.  A game where leadership is welcomed and quitting is not.

In football, respect is everything.

Take a look At Brett Favre. Bet that name alone sends a bad taste in some of your mouths.  I can also bet that that taste wasn’t there with the majority of Brett haters until that infamous March day where he announced he wanted to come back out of retirement.

Ah and the drama began

Some of us took thought that took away from Brett’s character.  Some of us rallied behind him.  I think it’s safe to assume that most of us lost at least a little respect for the guy.

Even me, Mrs. Brett Favre.

16 seasons of playing his heart out and he tainted his legacy by a decision based on selfishness. 

Listen, I love Brett and I know he is just a really competitive guy who played with his heart.  I know what a heck of a guy he is.  However, he made a bad judgement call which cost him.

I'm just pointing out what football is all about and what we expect from the players who play the game.

We expect leadership. We expect respect.  We expect men.

And quite frankly we’re not getting it from certain players.

I don’t know Jay’s salary.  I do know, however, that he gets paid more than 99% of us reading this article and he is still finding something to gripe about while most of us are trying to meet ends meet due to the economy.

Go to another team then Jay. I heard Detroit is looking for a QB.  They did so swell last year I am sure you would fit in great with them. 

I would love to see Jay’s reaction in Motor City. 

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side Cutler.  Take what little respect you have left and play your damn heart out.

This is football for crying out loud.

You’re being the world’s worst cheerleader Jay.  

Jay…OR Julie...which one do you want to be?

You tell me

So Shanahan got fired and you feel cheated because of it.  You are calling your own boss out, telling the public of a private conversation that you and Pat Bowlen had.

Are you seriously whining about this?  Are you seriously calling out your own people?

You are your team’s leader. They look up to you.  They admire you.  They want to win for you.

Try winning for them back.  Try thinking of them rather than just yourself.

Try being part of a team again.

Try playing football.

Otherwise I heard Dr. Phil is taking guests on Monday.

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