Long Drive Champ Jamie Sadlowski Produces a Beautiful Disaster on Golf Channel

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

Bringing a long-drive champion onto the set seemed like a good idea. After he smashed the network's simulator, it became a great one. 

A tip of the hat to Hot Clicks who spotted this video of the Golf Channel's simulator getting destroyed on live TV. 

Gary Williams welcomes long-drive champion Jamie Sadlowski onto The Morning Drive to show us what a big hitter of golf balls can do on some geeky gadget. 

Williams talks a good game, which makes us believe something great is going to happen. Although, I firmly believe the cast and crew weren't sold that the contraption would actually be destroyed. 

I like to think they all believed they were about to see some gaudy numbers being placed on the simulator. Instead, Sadlowski turns the entire thing into one big donut with a golf-ball sized hole in the middle. 

The simulator freaks out as you see a slow-moving simulation of what would be a shanked ball. In reality, the champ just tore through net, the screen and bounced it back to the other side of the studio. 

Sure this may seem like much ado about nothing, but that netting is made to take a beating. Instead, it submitted easily under the stress from this king of the long ball. 

Let's forget all about that for a second and just concentrate on how sweet that swing sounds. The place where all golf balls go to die happens to be the tee sitting in front of Jamie Sadlowski. 

There is more where this came from on Twitter. 


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