Gary Evans Spits a Trick Shot to End All Golfing Trick Shots

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

If you ever thought about putting together an adorable golf trick shot, stop. There is no reason for anyone to ever do it, because the greatest in trick shots has been accomplished. 

This video features English professional golfer Gary Evans in what the YouTube description calls a "driver spit trick shot."

Not the sexiest of names, but we will run with it because the outcome is wonderful. In fact, we will even ignore the awful use of vertical video. 

Again, no need to go over how horrible a human has to be to shoot in this manner, because the shot is splendiferous. 

It begins with Evans dribbling a golf ball on his driver, an act that almost induces yawns for the very fact we have seen it done before. 

He goes on for a while before trying to suck in the ball through his mouth. That's precisely the moment our faces changed to illustrate a "hold on, what do we have here?" expression. 

Evans catches the ball in his mouth, takes a full swing, spitting the ball out at the precise time he needs to in order to connect on a beautiful drive. 

Here is the one thing that pisses me off about all this. 

I can't hit a stationary ball sitting on a tee. I mean, I can hit it. It's just that it goes 100 yards the wrong way. 

Evans not only connects, he does it in a way that has me flabbergasted and flummoxed. It's a rather nice feeling, actually. 

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