Denver Broncos three way trade Cutler with Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions?

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

These Jay Cutler talks have been going on for a while now, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and write an article myself.

It's obvious that Cutler isn't going to be happy in Denver. Shanahan is gone, McDaniels and him have beef, and they have a whole new offensive coaching staff. What's the solution to the problem?

In a trade that involves three teams, it's a little easier for each team to get what they want. But what do the teams wants?

With Cutler leaving, Denver will want a quarterback. Another big pressing need is defensive tackle and linebacker.

The Browns have huge needs. As of now their most urgent needs are outside linebacker, an experienced starting-caliber corner, and a running back. Receiver may be a big need also, with Stallworth on the "Fritz." Mankok also wants draft picks.

The Lions need a quarterback!!! They also need help at the O-line, D-line, and linebacker positions.

How can all these needs combine with the teams players and drafts to make the perfect trade??? No perfect trade but here is what could be close. Now this is a huge trade possibility and I mean a lot of players swapping homes.

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The Denver Broncos Trade:

  • QB Jay Cutler (to Lions)
  • OT Ryan Clady (to Lions)
  • Fourth round pick (to Lions) 110 overall

The Denver Broncos Receive:

  • QB Brady Quinn (from Browns)
  • DT Shaun Rogers (from Browns)
  • Fourth round pick (from Browns) 100 overall
  • Third round pick (from Lions) 65 overall

The Cleveland Browns Trade:

  • QB Brady Quinn (to Broncos)
  • DT Shaun Rodgers (to Broncos)
  • Fourth round pick (to Broncos) 100 overall

The Cleveland Browns Receive:

  • RB Kevin Smith (from Lions)
  • CB Phillip Buchanon (from Lions)
  • Third round pick (from Lions) 82 overall

The Detroit Lions Trade:

  • RB Kevin Smith (to Browns)
  • CB Phillip Buchanon (to Browns)
  • Third round pick (to Browns) 82 overall
  • Third round pick (to Broncos) 65 overall

The Detroit Lions Receive:

  • QB Jay Cutler (from Broncos)
  • OT Ryan Clady (from Broncos)
  • Fourth round pick (from Broncos) 110 overall

This trade seems like a possibility. No linebackers are included because each team has a need at that position.

The Denver Broncos would do it because they get a Quarterback and a "beastly" nose tackle. Not to mention the two third-round draft picks would give their front office a lot more versatility in the draft.

Sure, they lose Cutler and a young tackle in Clady, but they receive more than they give so it would make sense for them. A new quarterback for the new GM McDaniels and one hell of a defensive tackle (with draft picks) is too much to pass up.

The Cleveland Browns would make this trade because Mangini wants to address as many positions as possible before the draft. Kevin Smith had a good rookie year and the Browns need a running back.

Buchanon was just recently signed by the Lions but Cleveland needs somebody to start over Wright or McDonald. His experience would be an upgrade at the position. Quinn is expendable and Rogers wants out, not to mention the upgrade from a fourth rounder to a third rounder (18 spots) gives them a better option in the draft.

Maybe an offensive lineman or receiver???

The Detroit Lions would make this trade because they are desperate for a quarterback. The Lions would love manage to get a quarterback while maintaining that number one overall draft pick. Then they could take either Aaron Curry to strengthen their defense or Eugene Monroe to sure up that offensive line.

They lose a running back, a cornerback (who hasn't even played for the team), and one draft pick. The other draft pick just gets moved down (28 spots). The franchise quarterback and the young and consistent O-lineman Clady is worth it. "The juice is worth the squeeze," you might say.

And of course this is just an idea and skepticism. Anything and everything is possible.

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