Was T.O Really the Scapegoat in Dallas?

brandon LamCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

The Dallas Cowboys, who struggled in various areas the 2008 NFL season and failed to make the playoffs, pointed it all on one man as the scapegoat for there failure.

Terrell Owens was the guy. Owens—who could be a distraction to the locker room and be a bad teammate, but who shows up on Sundays—was released couple of weeks ago.

But was it really all on Owens?

When you think of the Dallas Cowboys and what transpired with them this season, you can't really point it all on Owens.

First of all, when you think of the Dallas Cowboys and their leader, who is it? Wade Phillips is surely not, in the off-season he told his players, ''Get Your ring finger ready."

What other NFL coach says that, he was getting way ahead of himself. And as a result, his team was not even close to winning the Super Bowl.

Second, their secondary defense was awful. I can recall a game against the Washington Redskins, week four, Santana Moss had a field day on there secondary, he just blew past Terrence Newman every single time.

Third, I look at what happened to Tony Romo. When Romo missed three games because of a finger injury, the Cowboys had already been collapsed when he returned.

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Fourth, Jerry Jones you need a general manager, because you are not one. You have money, but you need sit back and let somebody make the football decisions.

Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones' son, seems to be running the business now‚and thinks he knows it all. He maybe was the one who decided to release Pacman Jones, then there were reports that he encouraged his Dad to release Owens.

My advice to you, Stephen—stay away from the organization.

I have no issue with the Cowboys releasing Owens, but my issue is that do not put all the blame on him for the unfortunate season. With all of these issues that occurred,the Cowboys just said, ''Hey, this is all his fault."

Owens moved on and signed with the Buffalo Bills, for a $6.5 million dollar contract.

''I must move on and this is another new beginning for me,” Owens said. “So, I’m just looking forward to this opportunity.”

When you look at all the teams Owens has played on in his career, they have been unsuccessful since he left.

The San Francisco 49ers, has not done a single thing since he left.

The Philadelphia Eagles—this was their first year in the playoffs since the man left.

Now, what are the Cowboys are going to do?

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