Jay Cutler To the Redskins: Now Folks Are Just Getting Desperate

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IMarch 18, 2009

So there are apparently rumors about Jay Cutler babying his way off the Denver Broncos roster and onto one of a number of interested teams. And apparently, the Washington Redskins should or could be one of those interested teams.

Here’s the deal. The Redskins could get better than Jason Campbell, but from what’s currently out there and available, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth bringing in a new quarterback to muddle through a foreign system while the Redskins fan base becomes vocally displeased. It’s not worth the inevitable blow up that Clinton Portis would take to the airwaves and nearby cameras, in a clear stance of impatience with a constantly revolving roster.

And it’s certainly not worth it to bring in a guy that has an ego that’s as big as his arm - which by the way, is stronger than John Elway’s.

So no. Jay Cutler to the Redskins is a rumor that we can put in the dirt. As much as my heart tells me otherwise, I actually believe Vinny Cerrato when he says no go on Cutler. Daniel Snyder may perk his ears up at the idea of more star power, but hopefully, he’s gotten his off-season fill will Albert Haynesworth to leave well enough alone.

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