Jay Cutler's Defining Moment: Pouters Never Win

jeff HubbardCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

Jay Cutler had a chance to be the gold standard of quarterbacks. 

Strong-armed, fleet of foot, and a quick witted improviser, Cutler was about to be paired with the mind that put Matt Cassel on the map, the guy that fashioned the rebirth of Randy Moss and the emergence of Wes Welker. 

Then he cried. Note to Jay Cutler. There is no crying in football. Cutler had his feelings hurt because his new coach wanted competition at the QB position. 

I don't remember Joe Montana holding out when the Niners brought in Steve Young. 

So here's Jay Cutler. He has Josh McDaniels signed on. He has a 100-catch receiver in Brandon Marshall. He has Denver's version of Wes Welker in Eddie Royal. He has Tony Scheffler as a pass-catching tight end. He has a solid running back corps as well. 

He gets faced with competition and he bolts. I wonder what he'd do faced with playoff pressure? 

The last time the Broncos tasted the playoffs, Jake Plummer was at the helm.  Vanderbilt went to a bowl game in 2008, but not during Cutler's stay though. 

I'm a big fan of small town quarterbacks, but once they start crying, they've officially become city boys. They might as well be polo players or some other form of prima donna, and they can just leave. 

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Bus Cook should know this after Brett Favre's re-retirement. That extra year took the polish off the apple a bit. 

Cutler may have been too young to know this part, but I've been watching the NFL a long time and quarterbacks that  force trades don't do much, with the exceptions of Eli Manning and Steve Young. 

Ask Bledsoe how the move to Buffalo went. Ask any of the myriad of quarterbacks who have won a Super Bowl how that forced trade helped get them there. Ask the record holders. Can't find the forced trades for those guys? Me neither. 

So, Jay, young fellow, do the right thing. Apologize to your coach, your teammates, and your fans, and go out and beat Chris Simms for the job in Denver. 

Take a team to the playoffs instead of taking your girlfriend to the Pro Bowl. 

You'll be surprised to learn the grass is always greener when you win, just check with John Elway on that. He stuck things out through Reeves. 

Competing for a job, something you've never had to do, might actually make you a better player. Give up the hold out and get to work. 

Like a small town kid made good. 

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