With Billions at stake, why do we allow NFL referees to make "BAD CALLS"?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 18, 2009

OK football fans. We have seen it time and time again, bad, bad calls made by referees on the field who are either biased, paid off or simply blind. I do not understand how a sport in which billions of dollars are made, has referees that are still play calling like its the 50s.

I recall a game once where a bad call was made against the Bills (possibly) and the team refused to come out to the field when the opponent kicked its final field goal. If you remember please refresh me. I only bring out this scenario to be fair to all NFL fans.  However, since I am a Raider fan, I know how really bad the calls really are. Although I am bringing up Raider games this affects all teams.

During a playoff game (Madden years) versus the Denver Broncos, the running back fumbled the ball at the goal line and the Raiders recovered. If you see the footage, which I have seen thousands of times, you can easily see the ball fall out. Yet the referees once again called the wrong play. Denver kept possession and the Raiders missed another Super Bowl.

Then there is always the tuck rule in which millions of Americans saw Charles Woodson cause Tom Brady to recoil his pass and fumble the ball. I remember thinking , Yeah! we won. Only to see the referee (Walt Coleman,thanks Card).) make another bad call. Even today opposing fans who saw the game will tell you Brady fumbled. So the Raiders lost out on another chance to go to a Super Bowl. Sadly, the NFL apologized to the Raiders for the bad call and from now on if a QB recoils the ball is called ....a fumble.

Tim Brown said it best "People try to say what goes on between Al Davis and the league doesn't affect what happens on the field, but there's no way that you can tell me that that's so."

So what is the deal with these refs? Are they simply paid off to hurt teams? Where do they get their training and most off all, are they required to take eye exams? If they are trained I can tell you now it is very poor.

So what can the NFL do to solve this horrible play calling and the damage it does to all NFL teams that have coaches pressured to win games only to be foiled by the blindness of these referees?

Does the NFL not understand the time and effort it takes to get teams disciplined, to get the best athletes and win games. It is not fair that these part time referees are allowed to make bad calls year after year after year.

My suggestion is bring in TECHNOLOGY. The game of football is faster than it has been in past years. We have better film crews out there and we as fans see the mistakes constantly. So again, why hasn't the NFL ungraded to putting chips in the balls so we can get accurate numbers? In today's game we as fans are able to see the computer generated first down lines, and advertisements that aren't there. I also thing we shoud get some kind of digital 10 yard markers so we can see if the ball made the line or if it human error again by the referees.

We need more emphasis placed on the football itself so that referees cannot cheat. When the Raiders caused Brady's fumble, a chip would have verified what we all knew instead of allowing the referees to make a horrible call. I believe that they can insert a chip into the footballs that  are reset everytime a fist down is made. They will have a senor that allows refs to get a signal when the ball hits the 10 yards off the football sensors. These sensors should also work with sideline markers or sensors so that the ball sensors allow refs to get exact marking i.e when a player gets within inces of a first down. 

Another example is the Tuck rule. A sensor would be able to detect various movement. So whiile the ball was recoiling this would verify it was not a forward pass. I am certain the technology is out there. Football is a rough game but with billions at stake, is it not worthy for even the owners themselves to incorporate this so their teams do not lose by errant calls? I think it is.

Was Paul Tagliubue blind as well? No, he apologized to AL Davis after the Patriots had already won. What justice is this? The modern game has to be modernized with the technology that is available to it. We are not living in the past. We have the technology to make football an accurate sport instead of relying on the eyes of poorly sighted referees. Who can really say that these guys aren't paid off? Usually visiting teams are they ones that pay for these bad calls.These referees do not have the speed of most players and cannot see everything that happens.

I guess what I am trying to stress is that you can have the greatest NFL team and be on your way to a Super Bowl, and all it takes is the bad play-calling of one cheating, paid-off or merely blind referee to throw a season away and folks its just not fair at all.

Today's NFL referees are a joke and it cost NFL teams millions when they disgrace the game of American football. The NFL needs to get on the ball and chip that pig skin.

Many will say I am merely disgruntled over the "tuck rule" and venting, but its simply because they didn't fully read this article. I want teams to win by skill and not by the bad calls of referees. Bad officiating hurts all teams Go Raiders!

     One final note that I think may be worth considering is putting some sort of padding on the refs. They are on the field with some heavy and strong guys out there and before a referee is really hurt they should wear gear since the players run at remarkable speeds. It seems it always takes one big event before they make the changes and in all honesty..if youre on the gridiron you should be protected. I may not like some play calling but we all know Raider fans have heart for all..well except for the Broncos.


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