Boise State Pro Day: Ian Johnson Impresses, Jeremy Childs Works Out As Well

Lace BanachekAnalyst IMarch 18, 2009

For all who watched or were privy to the NFL Combine and its results, it would be redundant to say that Ian Johnson was spectacular. However, since he was, it is only fair to regurgitate that info once again.

Yet, in all of Ian’s brilliant performances, he still felt it necessary to attend “Pro Day” in Boise, Idaho. It appears that Ian is taking the next step very seriously before he goes straight to the NFL.

Don’t be shocked if Johnson gets picked ahead of many that are expected to go in the third round. Ian is performing that well. His speed is so good it was not even necessary for him to run the 40 at Pro Day.

Instead, Johnson took his 212-lb. frame and participated in some drills. Johnson’s former Boise State coach, Chris Petersen said Johnson is as big as he’s ever been and moving as well as he’s ever moved.

There were roughly a dozen NFL scouts and a couple from Canada (no doubt to watch Andrew Woodruff’s workouts) at Boise State taking notes.

Other Broncos on display were Jeremy Childs, who improved on his disastrous 40 times at the Combine. While all times are unofficial at Pro Day, Childs claimed he ran a 4.46.

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It seems logical that the pros will be locking on to his Combine results of 4.57 seconds. Childs seemed pleased with his Pro Day accounting of his speed and hands, but then again, Broncos fans know he can catch.

He has said people see him as a possession receiver and vertical threat, but he's really only the former. When Titus Young was not playing, the vertical threat game of Boise States was mostly in ghost status.

Childs is a fine kid and Boise wishes him well, but whether he gets called very late in the draft remains to be seen. Still, Jeremy is good enough to get on a team that has no quality receivers, and there are a few in the NFL.

But it appears Childs will have to prove it walk-on style.

Speaking of walk-ons, Vinny Perretta was also at Pro Day, and while there was no official word on him, with one exception he was turning heads. Vinny turned in a 4.46 forty and a 36 inch verticle jump. Bronco fans know that Vinny is always game ready.

All in all there were eleven BSU Broncos at the Pro day event. Other wide receivers at Pro Day were Tanyon Bissell and Julian Hawkins.

Also, tight end Chris O’Neill showed up, as well as offensive linemen Woodruff and Jon Gott. Any of these kids are quality enough for the NFL.

However, Ian Johnson was the star once again. He just wants the NFL to know that he is a workhorse and will continue to be so until they are through signing contracts.

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