Oakland Raiders Mock Draft and Wish List

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IMarch 18, 2009

The Raiders have had a great offseason but still have holes and needs they need to fill.  There are many disputes over whom the raiders should draft, especially in the first round.  There are many different ideas about what the team's greatest needs are.  This is my wish list for the raiders draft, from a fan who believes in stopping the run.

Round One: Bj Raji - DT - Boston College - 6'2" 337

A disruptive force in the backfield with a great motor.  Some say he is too short and doesn't have long enough arms to play the position, but tell that to his opponents in college. 

Others say he is too good to play the nose position and should play a three technique where he can rack up the sacks.  Regardless, the Raiders need help on the D-line and he is the best candidate to take the double team of of Kelly.

Round Two: Alex Mack/Jason Unger - Center

The center is the one missing piece to the Raiders' revamped O-line.  Both these guys are great; the only problem is Unger was manhandled by Raji. 

As for Mack, Al Davis loves homegrown talent, and as a player out of Cal who recently played for the Raiders' new O-line coach, he has raider written all over him.

Round Three: Jasper Brinkly - University of South Carolina - MLB - 6'2'' 252 - 4.67 40 time

"What?" you say, "Guys that big aren't supposed to move that fast."  Or was it, "Guys that fast aren't supposed to hit that hard." 

Either way, he is a monster and a force in the middle who would further improve the Run-D.  His addition would also allow Kirk Morrison to move to his natural spot outside,  where he could better utilize his speed.

Round Four: Ramses Barden - WR - Calpoly - 6'6'' 230 - 4.5 40 time 

He is a great receiver from an academic school.  His stock isn't that high because he comes from a small school, but he had big games against bigger schools.  He would be an intimidating sight for any corner, especially in the red zone with man coverage. 

I would like to see any corner try and stop him on a corner fade route.  I'm not saying he's that No. 1 threat, but he would make a great situational guy to throw into the mix.

Round Five: Brandon Williams - DE - Texas Tech - 6'2'' 261 - 4.9 40 time

His stock has dropped as he didn't lift at the combine.  But scouts said he was among the quickest and smoothest D-lineman in all the drills.  This would be a good pickup for depth, as he is much like Trevor Scott.  Also, the Raiders are looking kind of thin at this position, especially with trade rumors surrounding Derrick Burgess.

Round Seven: Josh Barrett - SS - Arizona State - 6'3'' 223 - 4.36 40 time

If you thought you were going to get through the draft without Al Davis drafting a speedy DB, think again.  He has the ability to play either safety, spot hits like a linebacker, and showed a lot of promise in coverage. 

The only problem is he seemed to disappear towards the end of games.  He could be a great special teams standout and backup, like a young, faster Jarrod Cooper. 


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