The 10 Loudest Stadiums in College Football

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent INovember 16, 2012

The 10 Loudest Stadiums in College Football

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    One of the elements that separates the college game from the pros is the atmosphere that is found on campus during game day. The excitement and pageantry oozes from the fans and follows them into the stadium. 

    On some campuses, fans have been able to file into their stadium and create one of the best home-field advantages in the nation. With their ability to get beyond loud, fans are able to truly make a difference in college football.

    Here is a look at ten of the loudest stadiums in the nation and some of the truly hardest places to play. 

No. 10: Beaver Stadium, Penn State

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    Most famous for their white-outs, Beaver Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums in the nation.

    While the play on the field may be taking a hit for the next few seasons, these fans have come out in force to support their team and have been loyal throughout the years. 

No. 9: Sanford Stadium, Georgia

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    One of the biggest advantages that Georgia has is the fact that their stadium is on campus.

    Not only is Sanford Stadium on campus but it holds 89,000 screaming Bulldogs fans, making it the fifth largest on-campus stadium.

    These fans have had plenty to cheer about this year as the Bulldogs have locked up their division and are heading to the SEC title game.

No. 8: Ohio Stadium, Ohio State

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    Ohio State has a crazy fanbase that supports this team to the fullest. Located in Columbus, the Buckeyes are the main attraction in town and that is just fine with their fans.

    Playing inside of Ohio Stadium is extremely difficult as the noise level can be deafening. Despite the inability to go to the postseason, these fans have continued to support their team and will continue to do so. 

No. 7: Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

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    In the home to the Virginia Tech Hokies, over 65,000 fans are able to pack themselves into Lane Stadium and make life miserable for opponents. 

    While this stadium has had the ability to get rocking, the Hokies are having a down year in 2012 and it hasn't given the fans much to cheer about. 

No. 6: Neyland Stadium, Tennessee

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    When you see Neyland Stadium, two things will happen, the color orange will be burned into your eyes and you will never get "Rocky Top" out of your head. 

    The Vols are able to pack over 100,000 fans into their stands and they make their presence known. While things may quiet down later in the game due to the teams performance, these fans do their best to stay into the game. 

No. 5: Camp Randall, Wisconsin

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    When the third quarter ends at Camp Randall and "Jump Around" blasts over the speakers, you truly get an appreciation for how loud the Wisconsin fans can get. 

    One suggestion that has been made is if you would like to be truly adventurous at a Wisconsin game, sit near the top of the stadium for this fourth quarter tradition and you will certainly feel the effect of this fanbase. 

No. 4: Kyle Field, Texas A&M

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    Kyle Field is home to the 12th man and it is called that for a reason. The fans inside this stadium believe that they can truly make a difference on the field and use every last ounce of energy trying to do so.

    Now that the Aggies are in the SEC, a new set of teams will find out how difficult it is to play on the road against Texas A&M.

No. 3: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Florida

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    When you step into "The Swamp" you can see why it is on this list. You may even be surprised to know that it only holds 89,000 fans. 

    Ben Hill Griffin is a great place to catch a game and with a nickname like "The Swamp," you know that these fans are ready to get after you. 

No. 2: Autzen Stadium, Oregon

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    Autzen Stadium may be the loudest stadium per person in the nation. The stadium only houses a few more than 60,000 fans, but that does not stop the Duck faithful from making life miserable for opposing offenses. 

    As the past couple of years have come and gone, the Ducks have given the fans even more to cheer about as they have risen up and been one of the more consistent teams over the past few years. 

No. 1: Tiger Stadium, LSU

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    They don't call Tiger Stadium "Death Valley," for no reason. LSU is home to the loudest fans in the nation and they are not afraid to tell you the same. 

    While fans will pack the stands for any game, not only is this the loudest place to play, playing a night game against LSU in this stadium may be the hardest atmosphere to earn a win in all of sports.