Chicago Bears' Draft Rounds 1-4: My Dream Draft

Thomas ClarkCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

On April 26, I will be impatiently sitting on my couch wearing Bears apparel and tightly crossing my fingers hoping and praying that the Chicago Bears make the right decision at pick No. 18.

But on April 26 and the day that follows pick No. 18 will not solely decide whether the 2009 draft was a success for the Bears, for there are six picks throughout the draft and a few of those picks could make or break this storied franchise for years to come.

So if those two days go as I hope, these are the names that will be announced for the Chicago Bears.

Round 1, Pick 18:

Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC

As I was reading the disappointing news of offensive tackle John St. Clair signing with the Cleveland Browns all I could think was this; with the retirement of John Tait and now the departure of St. Clair, Jerry Angelo could very well be pondering taking an offensive lineman for the Bears' first pick.

But I strongly believe that Angelo will realize that the Bears also need help in the passing game and that sure-handed Hakeem Nicks might just be the answer. As I and other writers have mentioned before, Nicks has many of the same attributes as Anquan Boldin.

He excels in YAC and can make catches across his whole body (as most of us saw in the Meineke Car Care Bowl).

Nicks would also be a great fit across from Devin Hester and he can also run fades and deep routes well. He can reach up over defenders and fight for the ball unlike most of the receivers on the Bears' roster, .

For all those reasons and many more Nicks would be my No. 1 pick in my dream draft for the Bears.

2nd Round, David Veikune, DE, Hawaii

If Jerry Angelo does decide to pick an offensive linemen in the first round (which I would not find surprising) I could easily see the Bears drafting Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers or Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma either one could be a great player in the future.

But because I believe the Bears will pick Nicks in the first round I think they will draft David Veikune, DE, Hawaii. He was a strong athlete throughout his years in Hawaii recording nine sacks in 2008 and could fill a huge hole on the Bears front four.

3rd Round, Pat White, QB, West Virginia

As most of you know from my prior articles, I am a huge fan of Pat White and feel he could and will be a great NFL player.

In terms of athleticism, White should be picked way higher than the third round but because of his size and his tendency to run instead of staying in the pocket he should still be on the board when the Bears pick in the third round.

By no means am I saying that Lovie and the Bears should give up on Kyle Orton but all I'm saying is do what no other team is doing and give Pat White a chance.

He could easily make an immediate impact for the Bears in 2009 at either wide receiver or at quarterback in a spread offense or wildcat formation.

I think the Bears should keep Orton as the starter but slowly progress White into a future star quarterback and maybe even the next Donovan McNabb.

4th Round, Louis Vasquez, OG Texas Tech

Although this may be a little low in the rounds for the Bears to pick their first offensive linemen, it is just the right time and just the right player.

The 6-foot-5, 333-pound offensive guard is an athletic player who can be extremely helpeful with pass protection. He didn't allow a sack all season and that contributed to much of Graham Harrell's success.

He would be a great fit for the Bears because, although the offensive line exceeded expectations, they still struggled with pass protection and he could help make holes for exceptional runningback Matt Forte.

Vasquez is worth a fourth-round pick and is a sleeper who could easily become an impact player for the Bears in 2009.

Well there is my dream draft and now it is time to wake up and witness reality as the Bears most likely pick one if any of those four players. Although I believe all four of them could become great Bears and look good in Navy Blue.  


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