Carolina Panthers Trade DE Julius Peppers For 34th Overall Pick? No Way!

Steven FinchCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2009

First the New England Patriots trade quarterback Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel for a 34th overall pick.

Which by the way has been a hot topic lately. Did the Pats give a hometown discount to the Chiefs?

Now there are rumors floating around stating that the Patriots are primed to trade for Peppers.

Offering up only that pick they received from the Chiefs.

That doesn't make any sense to me for two reasons:

No. 1: Peppers is worth a lot more than that. Other teams would have to give up two first-rounders for his services. Why should the Patriots get away with "highway robbery" yet again.

Cassel should have been worth more than that pick as well.

No. 2:The Panthers would be stupid to accept that trade, plain and simple. The team doesn't want to part with the four-time pro bowler and are optimistic that an extension is on tap.

The DE has stated that he wants out, and to play for a team with a 3-4 defense.

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I have a hard time thinking that any team would want to pony up the cash, especially with the economic downturn in America.

Is Peppers worth a $100 million contract, well that's for the Patriots or any other team to decide.

As a Packer fan, I am glad to have TT. I know for sure that Green Bay is not a destination, he just wouldn't put up that kind of money for a player.

Look for Peppers to stay right where he is. He can't holdout, missing a full season would damage any hope of a pricey contract.

He will give in to the team and suit up for the Panthers next year.

It's just like what Wilbon said on PTI today: "You could always draft a player at that position, and in one year he could have an impact like Peppers".