Jay Cutler Wants Out? Fine By Me: A Fan's Perspective On The Mile High Drama

Eric JohnsonContributor IMarch 18, 2009

Jay Cutler, the Golden Boy of the Denver Broncos, wants out.

Say what?

The soap opera that is "Cutler vs. new Denver head coach Josh McDaniels" has escalated storylines, with Cutler demanding to be traded.

I'm not going to go into all of the details you already know, or the conspiracies that involve Bill Belichick and Bus Cook.

The Broncos do need a leader, which should be someone not seen since John Elway. The Broncos do not need someone who is an egotistical crybaby.

Someone that can be trusted by the team, coaches, and fans.

Cutler has lost my respect, throwing this temper tantrum of his. He should have accepted what happened, then stepped up and showed how he wanted to stay in Denver, and how he can be a team player.

Most importantly, Cutler should have showed that the Broncos are his team, and that he wants to be their guy.

Instead, he whined and complained, putting up houses for sale, and not talking to Pat Bowlen or McDaniels, and finally, demanded to be traded.

Cutler should have been flattered that teams wanted to trade for him, but also know that no one in this league is untradeable. Teams get calls all the time about potential trades,

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Jay needs to understand that football, ulitmately, is a business. He should be thankful he has a job in these times. Shanahan was fired after going .500 this season.

Cutler has gone 17-20 as a starter.

The team and Cutler still have a chance to make up, but only if both sides put aside the past, admit their mistakes, and accept their roles.

Now, what to do with him?

Trade him to the Browns with Scheffler for Quinn and Rogers, as well as a draft pick? Or to the Bucs for a first and third? Or to the Lions for their 20th overall and their third-round selection?

Maybe we should pick up a QB like Garcia or Byron Leftwich in free agency, and draft a rookie this year or next.

Denver has a lot of options, and only one keeps Cutler.