Hot Seat Rankings: Andy Reid, Lane Kiffin and More Coaches in Trouble

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 12, 2012

Hot Seat Rankings: Andy Reid, Lane Kiffin and More Coaches in Trouble

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    That coaching hot seat is on fire for a few leaders of great men who can't seem to skirt the malaise of incessant losses. 

    Here is our weekly breakdown of coaches nearing the door in their respective sports. 

    The life of a head coach or manager is rather simple. You need to find wins or show some impressive improvement. Sadly, these group of guys have failed to find one, the other or both. 

    If they aren't careful, a few of the following men with clipboards will be looking for work. 

    Of course, we are bound to miss some really great hot seats, so sound off in the comments section with your own candidates. 

    Let's take a look at whose hot seat is burning the most. 

Coaches Fired

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    First, let's breakdown the coaches that received the axe this past week. 

    Mike Brown (last week No. 7): The most famous firing has to be Mike Brown, who made No. 7 on our list last week. 

    The Lakers thought they had seen enough of an unproven coach delivering far too many losses. So now they have hired Mike D'Antoni. Well, he may find himself on this list shortly as well. 

    Derek Dooley (last week unranked): While it's not official, it looks like Derek Dooley is on the outs in Tennessee. 

    Sites like Vol Quest report it's a done deal, while others stipulate Dooley is very close to being axed.  

8. Jason Garrett

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    Jason Garrett drops in the rankings from last week, largely because of a much-needed win against the reeling Philadelphia Eagles. 

    Don't worry; that team will feature in this list shortly. 

    With the win on Sunday, the Cowboys keep playoff hopes alive and have a favorable schedule the rest of the season. 

    Still, there is one huge reason Garrett remains on the list, and his name is Sean Payton. There continues to be rumors that the former Saints head coach could head to Dallas if the Saints don't manage to lock him up. 

7. John L. Smith

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    I see no reason to make John L. Smith's hot seat any cooler, not after losing another game, bringing the team one loss closer to missing out on a bowl game for the first time in four years

    Sure, he was given a horrible task in taking over in the wake of the Bobby Petrino scandal, but the team is free falling at the moment. 

    It's tough to see Smith as the true long-term answer for Arkansas. 

6. Lane Kiffin

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    If you don't think Lane Kiffin is bumbling his way to being fired, you haven't been paying attention to USC's season, or you happen to be coaching them. 

    The Trojans couldn't wait to get out of the gate this season after suffering through restriction years. After letting loose from the shackles, they have stumbled in every way possible. 

    The team lost its championship hopes by dropping three games, one of which was to the mediocre Arizona Wildcats. 

    Aside from that, Lane Kiffin's tenure has seen a deflated ball controversy, a dust-up over switched jerseys in a game against Colorado and a controversy caused when the coach banned a reporter from practices

    Things are not going well in Southern California. 

5. Rex Ryan

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    The Jets came out of a bye week and were still out played by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The season is already taking its toll on Ryan, who was visibly shaken in the presser after the game. 

    Via ESPN, the head coach spoke with reporters on a season that is getting away from him. 

    It definitely is frustrating. There is no doubt. We know we have worked extremely hard at it, but what matters is that shows up on Sunday, and ... clearly we have to get better or we will continue to struggle.

    There is still time to turnaround the season, but not much. It looks far more likely the Jets fail to make the playoffs, taking an even bigger step backwards in the Rex Ryan era. 

4. Jeff Tedford

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    There was a brief time when Jeff Tedford brought hope for brighter days to Cal fans. Unfortunately, that time was extremely brief and quite a long time ago. 

    The Cal Bears head coach makes another appearance on our weekly breakdown largely because of the late-game shellacking his team took against Oregon. 

    The Golden Bears dropped a home game to the top-tier Oregon Ducks, 59-17 and are now 3-8 with just two wins in conference. 

    Fans have a familiar feeling heading into the last game of the season. They are all quite grateful it's over. 

3. Romeo Crennel

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    Romeo Crennel relieved himself as the team's defensive coordinator last week, but it's only a matter of time until he is also relieved as the head coach. 

    The team slides to 1-7 after dropping last Sunday's clash with the San Diego Chargers, 31-13. With the Steelers and Broncos coming up shortly, you know things can only get uglier. 

    Chiefs fans may hate to admit this, but Todd Haley is looking pretty good right about now. 

2. Lawrence Frank

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    The Detroit Pistons just aren't playing for their head coach, and he said as much recently, via M Live

    We talked about this game going in, this was going to be a test of character. Four games in five nights, back to back, road trip hasn't gone real well, and could we build on last night.  We didn't.

    They may have had a tough schedule, but they managed to welcome only futility in that time. The team is now 0-7 and are 24th in the NBA in scoring and 26th in points allowed. 

    Things are looking horrible in Detroit. 

1. Andy Reid

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    Someone please wake Andy Reid, because he is missing quite the entertaining football season. 

    The Eagles came into the 2012 season with a great deal of promise and a heap of expectations. After losing five straight games, it's going to take a minor miracle to reach the mediocrity of last season's 8-8. 

    You can hardly place every last drop of blame on Reid, because injury and lackluster play certainly features into the mix. 

    The buck stops at the walrus mustache, however. With yet another loss and a vocal fanbase, it's easy to see Reid owns the hottest seat in the world right now. 

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