49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary, What Now?

Sweets ThomasContributor IMarch 17, 2009

What Now?

That’s the question that all 49ers fans want answered.

“What now?”

We have the coach who the 'Niner faithful wanted when he came to San Francisco as the Linebacker and Assistant Head Coach, especially after a lot of us saw some of the decisions Mike Nolan made and, frankly speaking for myself, I scratched my head more than a few times over some of the obviously bad decisions. We watched as Nolan left the building, so to speak, and Mike Singletary was left in charge trying to win some of our respect and the games that were left.

We were pleasantly surprised when he commanded respect from the players, and we loved that he refused to take a backseat to any player not giving 100 percent of themselves to win games, even so far as to send Vernon Davis to the locker room for what he saw as not giving his all for the team and his teammates.

How can you NOT love a coach like that, a back-in-the-day coach along the lines of what you would expect from Coach Lombardi. After the season, the 49ers organization embraced Singletary and made him their new head coach for the 2009 season, and the 49er faithful celebrated once again.

But here comes the hard part...


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Are Singletary’s coaching decisions going to be great or even good especially going into the draft?

Is he going to be able to choose for himself who he feels is right for the team, or are those decisions going to be made for him?

Is it going to be a collaborative effort by him and management, and are they going to let his input be the defining vote on who they grab in the draft?

These are all questions that the fans are thinking. Just because Singletary was a great player in his day, there are still the nagging little questions in the back of my mind, like, was his time so far as a head coach a fluke, will he be even better now that he’s in charge, will the players get over the honeymoon with him and revert back to a team in disarray?

These are all questions that we want answers to and questions that we’re afraid of what the answers will be. It’s been 15 years since we’ve been to the big game, and with the Steelers winning the first “sixth ring,” we all want that taste back. You know the taste I’m talking about, the one where you tell everyone within ear shot that YOUR team is the best no matter what they say or what team they root for.

The reason for these questions especially from me here and now is from things I’ve been reading. Singletary wants Alex Smith back into the fold, so where does that leave Shaun Hill? Does it leave him again having to prove himself in yet another contest with Smith, or did he win the job outright? If that is the case, then why hold onto Smith? It also doesn’t help that other than two college players coming out early, this year's QB group is really, really bad.

So I ask again...


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