TNA Turning Point 2012 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and More

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor INovember 12, 2012

Photo courtesy of impactwrestling.com
Photo courtesy of impactwrestling.com

Impact Wrestling doesn't get as much attention as the WWE, but TNA continues to bring it with impressive Pay-Per-Views. 

I'm not exactly sure what "it" is, but if it happens to mean multiple matches full of intrigue and action followed by a main event you won't soon forget, Sunday night's Turning Point certainly qualifies. 

Let's take a further look at all the action. 

TNA No DQ Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) Defeats Magnus

The no-disqualification match didn't feature a whole lot of illegal action, but it was a thrilling match nonetheless.

In the end, The Somoan Submission Machine defeated Magnus via—believe it or not—submission, as he locked in the Coquina Clutch in the center of the ring. The Mag Daddy went out cold and the referee was forced to end the match. 

From Impact Wrestling's Twitter account:

#TurningPoint Update:@samoajoe retains the title. twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLIN…


It was an extremely impressive way to kick off the Pay-Per-View. 

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TNA Mixed Tag Team Match: ODB and Eric Young Defeat Tara and Jesse

There was some less-than-inspiring wrestling from everyone not named Eric Young. There was some drinking. There were some low blows and there was some kissing. 

Eventually, it was ODB and EY who escaped with the victory. After ODB sent Tara out of the ring with a BAM!, she nailed Mr. Pectacular with a scoop slam before EY landed a huge elbow drop and the pin. 

Then, of course, there was some more kissing.

TNA X Division Championship: Rob Van Dam (c) Defeats Joey Ryan

With no Matt Morgan by his side, Joey Ryan came up short against Rob Van Dam. 

Ryan didn't go down easy, but thanks to some impressive moves, including a step-over spin kick and a huge Frog Splash from the top, RVD secured the victory and the X Division Championship.

Unfortunately, the rest of RVD's night didn't go too well. Morgan met him at the top of the ramp and proceeded to knock him out with a Carbon Footprint.

TNA Singles Match: Doc Defeats Joseph Park

It wasn't surprising that Doc defeated Joseph Park, but the lawyer showed a little bit of "the monster" inside during the loss. 

Doc finally caught up with Park, who spent most of the match avoiding contact and running away, and nailed him with a studded belt. Unfortunately for Doc, that made Park bleed, and apparently no one makes him bleed his own blood.

Park went crazy and landed a lot of good shots—including a chair to the head—on Doc. But then this happened (via Impact Wrestling Twitter account):

You just missed this on #TurningPoint : twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLIN…


Doc got the pin after that chokeslam, but as he attempted to use a hammer on Park, Bully Ray rushed out and chased him away, raising Park's hand in the process. 

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) Defeat The World Tag Team Champions of the World

This one was full of back-and-forth battling, but in the end, Guerrero and Hernandez left the ring with the belts they entered with. 

With Christopher Daniels on top of Hernandez's shoulders, Chavo made his way to the top rope and nailed The Fallen Angel with a cross-body press and got the pin.

It was a stellar, high-flying match that lasted just over 13 minutes. 

TNA #1 Contender's Match: James Storm Defeats A.J. Styles and Bobby Roode

The magnitude of this win for James Storm was matched by the intensity of the epic three-way match.

The battle, which lasted 16 exciting minutes, was filled with an endless amount of powerful moves and death-defying leaps for everyone involved. It retrospect, it's a little surprising that all three men were able to leave the ring on both feet.

Nonetheless, the Cowboy was finally able to land the Last Call on Styles after nailing Roode, who was on the verge of winning, with a backstabber.

This one will go down as a solid candidate for Match of the Night, although a certain match involving ladders might get in the way. 

TNA Singles Match: Kurt Angle Defeats Devon

This wasn't necessarily an unforgettable match, but it did its job as the "second" main event. 

The action really picked up when Aces & Eights seemingly came out of nowhere and surrounded the ring. This forced Angle, who was in control, to lose focus. Devon capitalized and drilled the Olympic gold medalist with a devastating spear.

But after Angle found a way to kick out, he put Devon in an ankle-lock and forced him to tap out. Angle managed to escape before Aces & Eights could get to him, although Doc, who barely beat a lawyer earlier in the night, spit out some threats. 

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) Defeats Austin Aries

It's hard to find words for this one, as there aren't really any to do this unbelievable match justice.

Essentially, it was everything you could have hoped for in a fight that featured Jeff Hardy and a bunch of ladders.  

Each wrestler put on an absolute show, but naturally, it was Hardy who took most of the beating. At one point, Aries slammed him into the middle of a ladder. At another, after Hardy had taken a huge fall over the ropes, Aries piled the ladder and steel stairs on top of the Charismatic Enigma

It was at that point that it appeared Aries would win, but he got a little too curious. At the top of the ladder, he noticed Hardy was no longer trapped under all the steel. When he went to check on his opponent, Hardy snuck out of the other side of the ring and climbed the ladder behind Aries's back.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived recovered, however, and pushed the ladder over, resulting in another huge fall from Hardy. 

But then it was Hardy's turn to impose some damage. Some of the overly-impressive moves included a Twist of Fate from the top of the ladder, a Swanton from the top rope and another Twist of Fate on top of a ladder. 

Eventually, Hardy climbed the extra tall ladder—as Aries had previously found the remote control and raised the belts even higher—to retain the championship and end the Pay-Per-View.


It's a match that you need to see. Believe me. But for now, this will have to do (via Impact Wrestling Twitter account):

An EPIC ladder match from two world class athletes.#AriesVsHardy #TurningPoint twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLIN…


Twitter Reaction

After a high-flying, fast-paced performance from Eric Young in the mixed-doubles match, Smith Hart (older brother of Owen and Bret) wondered about EY's prospects at the next level:

I wonder if that was Eric Young's last appearance in TNA. Sure would like to see him in WWE to work with Santino Marella

— Smith Hart (@SmithHart1) November 12, 2012

It's difficult not to be intrigued about the prospect of watching those two work in the ring together. 

Moments before going through with the less-than-enviable task of facing Doc in a one-on-one match, Joseph Park found the time to tweet this:


— Joseph Park (@JOSEPHPARK_esq) November 12, 2012

It would appear as though his prayers were met. He didn't win the match, but things could have gone much worse. 

Apparently WWE superstar Shawn Michaels wasn't too interested in watching the exciting PPV:

"@shijudanielwwe: RT: "Are you watching TNA #TurningPoint now.'?"-- I'm watching football.

— Shawn Michaels (@ShawnMichaels) November 12, 2012

Michaels must enjoy defense. 

I, on the other hand, enjoy ladder matches. 


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