2009 NFL Mock Draft: The Real Deal 3.1 Round Two Only (Mar. 17)

Matt ReaganCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

This mock draft is the second round of the mock draft titled: 2009 NFL mock draft express 3.0 (Mar. 16). If you have not read it, I would suggest you do so you can see what players were drafted already and to what team.

For both mock drafts I used CBSSPORTS.com as a basis of what round players are projected to be picked. This is a link to round one.

Let's get started:

33. Detroit Lions Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forrest (5'9", 193, 4.47)

The Lions are desperate for help after losing both starting CB's and the play making Smith would step in to a starting spot and help begin to rebuild their shaky secondary.

34. New England Patroits Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia (6'3", 249, 4.72)

Sintim will fit in nicely with Mayo and Maualuga to give the Pats the best young LB core in the AFC. Sintim will play OLB and recorded 13.5 sacks last year which was the most for any LB's in the nation. He should provide them with a big time pass rush off the edge of their 3-4.

35. St. Louis Rams Brian Robiske, WR, Ohio St. (6'3", 209, 4.46)

Drew Bennet was a bust and Torry Holt has left the building. Robnske is the son of an NFL coach, has great size, speed, hands, and runs great routes which is exactly what the Rams need.

36. Cleveland BrownsΒ Β Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn St. (6'4", 249, 4.78)

Maybin will make the switch to OLB where he projects better but he can also be used at his college position of DE as a third down pass rusher.

37. Seattle Seahawks Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St. (6'6", 248, 4.91)

Seattle gets a steal here as Freeman falls to the top of round two. It isn't an immediate need as it is the best value. Plus Hasselbeck is getting older and didn't play well last year so they have the QB for the future.

38. Cincinnati Bengals Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee (6'3", 272, 4.77)

The Bengals finished second to last in sacks with 17 last year and Ayers has been shooting up after dominating the top tackles during the Senior Bowl.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars Ron Brace, DT, Boston College (6'3", 330, 5.48)

The Jags found out the hard way that their D can't operate without a big body next to Henderson and Brace would step in and help them forget about losing Marcus Stroud.

40. Oakland Raiders Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona (5'8", 195, 4.30)

Al Davis resisted his fast WR in the first round, but Thomas is just too fast and runs great routes. He is a little short but a true threat to score whenever he touches the ball and he is a superb returner.

41. Green Bay Packers Le Sean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh (5'11", 198, 4.48)

The Packers just couldn't let McCoy fall any further and snatch him up. McCoy has a nice size/speed combination and will form a nice one/two punch with Grant.

42. Buffalo Bills Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina (6'5", 246, 4.49)

Cook blew away the combine with his size and speed and would really open up the passing attack with Evans and newly added T.O. Edwards would suddenly feel like Romo did when he had T.O. and Witten.

43. San Francisco 49ers Β Louis Delmas, FS, Western Michigan (6'0", 202, 4.52)

The 49ers were second to last in turnovers and adding the play making Delmas will help out their secondary.

44. Miami Dolphins Alex Mack, C, California (6'4", 311, 5.12)

The Dolphins need some interior line help and the talented Mack can play C or OG making him a value pick for Parcells.

45. New York Giants Sen Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn (6'2", 306, 5.00)

Robbins was banged up last year and Cofeild was great but adding Marks would give the line some youth and a devastating three man rotation.

46. Houston Texans Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon (5'11", 212, 4.49)

The Texans are weak at safety and adding Chung would give them a good player to build around and he would start from day one.

47. New England Patriots Sean Smith, CB, Utah (6'4", 214, 4.49)

Smith is a huge corner who has good speed and can play safety. Adding him would help ease the loss of Samuel. Smith could end up at FS because they could use help in the secondary.

Either way, Smith is a bigtime player and should help solidify the pass defense.

48. Denver Broncos Conner Barwin, OLB, Cincinnatti (6'4", 256, 4.59)

With the Broncos switching to the 3-4 they need big and fast pass rushers on the edges and Barwin fits the bill. His stock has been on fire as many believe he is just scratching his potential.

49. Chicago Bears Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma (6'5", 329, 5.32)

Robinson is an absolute beast who plays with an extreme mean streak as he absolutely blows his opponents of the line creating huge holes. With the ability and size to play RT he makes perfect sense for the Bears who want to give star RB Matt Forte a line to be proud of.

Putting him next to last years no.1 pick Chris Williams or sliding him over to RT should keep Chicago playing smash-mouth football for years to come.

50. Tampa Bay Bucs Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia tech (6'7", 266, 4.68)

Johnson slipped due to his lack of toughness but he does posses an imposing frame and good speed. He is a classic boom or bust prospect but the Bucs need a DE and Johnson is a good value here.

51. Dallas Cowboys Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma (6'1", 210, 4.44)

With T.O. finally set packing the Cowboy's land the play making Iglesias who will take his old spot and team with Roy Williams and Jason Witten to get the Boy's offense rolling again.

52. New York Jets Andre Brown, RB, North Carolina St. (6'0", 224, 4.47)

Even though RB Thomas Jones had his best year he is going to be 32 and the Jets could use the hard running Brown as a one/two punch. Brown has great size and speed and should be the feature back of the near future.

53. Philadelphia Eagles William Moore, FS, Missouri (6'0", 220, 4.50)

Eagles find their heir apparent to Brian Dawkins in the play making Moore who has the ability to step in and start.

54. Minnesota Vikings Max Unger, C, Oregon (6'5", 309, 5.26)

The Vikings get first round talent in the second to replace long time center Matt Birk. Unger also has the size to play Guard if needed.

55. Atlanta Falcons Jamon Meridth, RT, South Carolina (6'5", 304, 4.99)

The Falcons need a RT to pair with LT Baker and the athletic Meridth would give QB Matt Ryan two young bookends to protect him.

56. Miami Dolphins Pat White, QB, West Virginia (6'0", 197, 4.55)

The Dolphins were the best at running the wildcat and White would make that formation deadly. They also need help at WR and returner, so White looks like he will feel right at home.

57. Baltimore Ravens Β  Louis Murphy, WR, Florida (6'3", 203, 4.32)

With the emergence of QB Joe Flacco, the Ravens need to get him some weapons and Murphy is the big fast target that can help take their offense to the next level.

58. New England Patroits Kraig Urbik, OG, Wisconsin (6'5, 328, 5.27)

With Neal and Mankins both becoming free agents after the season the Pats can't afford to pay them both so Urbik comes in and fits the mold that they like in their linemen. Medium sized, mobile, and good pass blockers.

59. Carolina Panthers Paul Kruger, DE, Utah (6'4', 253, 4.83)

With Peppers being franchised this year he will hit the open market next season and the Panthers are thin at DE anyway so grabbing the best available DE is good business for Carolina.

60. New York Giants Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio St. (6'1", 239, 4.67)

Every year the Giants wait to the later rounds to draft a LB and they havn't panned out. By adding Freeman the Giants will get a player who has good lateral quickness and speed to chase down opposing RB's.

61. Indianapolis Colts Jarius Byrd, CB, Oregon (5'10", 207, 4.58)

Marlin Jackson is coming off a season ending injury and Byrd would give the Colts some depth. They really wanted a WR here but none are worth taking.

62. Tennesee Titans Fili Moala, DT, USC (6'4", 305, 5.07)

After losing Haynesworth, the Titans need a DT and Moala was once considered a possible number one pick before having an up and down senior year. He has all the tools to dominate he just has to be more consistent.

63. Arizona Cardinals Herman Johnson, OG, LSU (6'7", 364, 5.50)

Johnson is an absolute monster and the Cards are thin in the interior. He should be able to blow holes through opposing defenses and jump-start Arizona's rushing attack.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati (6'0", 184, 4.49)

Townsend is entering his 12th season and the Super Bowl champs are suddenly thin at CB. Adding the play making Mickens should improve their shaky CB position.


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